How to Get Qorvex in Warframe: claim the tank titan

Complete the Whispers in the Walls quest. This quest is available after completing the Heart of Deimos and Vox Solaris quests.

In the Whispers in the Walls Update Let’s talk about How to get Qorvex in Warframe, Warframe introduces the formidable Qorvex, a robust and imposing frame renowned for dealing devastating radioactive damage while boasting an array of captivating abilities. Acquiring Qorvex, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, proves to be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor.

To obtain this coveted frame, players must embark on a journey to farm all of Qorvex’s blueprints. The process involves engaging in specific missions, confronting formidable enemies, and unraveling the secrets hidden within the game’s expansive universe. The quest to secure Qorvex as a prized addition to your arsenal demands strategic gameplay and dedication, making the acquisition of this bulky powerhouse a noteworthy achievement for Warframe enthusiasts.

This comprehensive guide elucidates the intricate steps and strategies, ensuring that players, regardless of experience level, can successfully navigate the intricate path to harnessing the full might of Qorvex in the ever-evolving world of Warframe.

How to get Qorvex in Warframe

  1. Complete the Whispers in the Walls quest
  2. Acquire the component blueprints
  3. Gather crafting materials
  4. Craft Qorvex.

How to get all Qorvex components in Warframe

How to get Qorvex in Warframe
  • Once you’ve discovered the Qorvex blueprint in Warframe, the next step is to gather the components needed to craft it. There are four crucial parts to track down: Qorvex Neuroptics, Qorvedx Chassis, Qorvex Systems, and Echo Voca.
  • To obtain Echo Voca, you can earn it as a reward by playing through Albrecht’s Laboratories. In each Albrecht’s Laboratories mission, at least eight voca will appear, and you must locate them. Make sure you’ve unlocked the Whispers in the Walls story content to access this part of the game.
  • As for the other components, Qorvex Neuroptics, Qorvex Chassis, and Qorvex Systems, you have a chance to acquire them through Cavia Bounties. This means spending your time on Deimos and participating in bounties for the Cavia faction. Keep at it, and good luck on your Warframe crafting journey!

Best Locations for Qorvex Farming

For Qorvex Neuroptics

  • The fastest way to farm Qorvex Neuroptics is to complete the Sanctum Onslaught (Elite) bounty on Deimos. This bounty has a 22.22% chance of rewarding you with Qorvex Neuroptics upon completion.

For Qorvex Chassis

  • The fastest way to farm Qorvex Chassis is to complete the Excavation (Excavator) bounty on Deimos. This bounty has a 22.22% chance of rewarding you with Qorvex Chassis upon completion.
How to get Qorvex in Warframe

For Qorvex Systems

  • The fastest way to farm Qorvex Systems is to complete the Survival (Endurance) bounty on Deimos. This bounty has a 22.22% chance of rewarding you with Qorvex Systems upon completion.

For Mandonel

  • The fastest way to farm the Mandonel is to complete the Assassination (Kuva Lich) bounty on Deimos. This bounty has a 14.84% chance of rewarding you with the Mandonel blueprint upon completion.

Qorvex Uses in Warframe

  • High damage output: Qorvex’s abilities can deal a lot of damage, especially when combined with the right weapons and mods. His first ability, Crucible Beam, fires a beam of radiation that deals damage and inflicts a guaranteed status effect on each enemy it hits. His fourth ability, Disometric Guard, creates a field that damages enemies and increases the damage of Qorvex’s weapons for each enemy affected by radiation within the field.
  • Crowd control: Qorvex’s second ability, Containment Wall, creates a wall that pulls enemies together and makes them more vulnerable to damage. This can be used to group up enemies for easy kills or to block off choke points.
  • Survivability: Qorvex’s third ability, Chyrinka Pillars, creates pillars that damage enemies and provide cover for Qorvex. These pillars can also be used to activate environmental hazards, such as explosive barrels.
  • Support: Qorvex’s passive ability, Crucible Blast, gives all of his weapons three meters of punch through. This can be helpful for weapons that have difficulty reaching enemies behind cover.


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How do you get Warframe?

Acquisition. Warframes are obtained by two general methods: crafting them with in-game materials at the Foundry or purchasing them fully assembled from the Market. Additionally, obtaining a Warframe requires the use of a storage slot.

How do you get more Warframes in Warframe?

You get blueprints for Warframes as quest rewards, drops from missions/bosses. Some blueprints can also be bought for credits in the market or at the Tenno Lab in your clan. Most warframes require four blueprints: The main blueprint, Neuroptics blueprint, Chassis blueprint and Systems blueprint.

How do I get Voruna?

Voruna blueprint parts can drop from either Yuvarium or Circulus every 20 minutes. This is otherwise known as a “Rotation C” reward” in Warframe terms. That being said, Circulus has roughly double the drop chance for every blueprint, making the higher-level mission the better way to farm Voruna parts.

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