How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay

Rangoli Stamps will make your Google Pay shine! Find out in this post how to get these holiday prizes and possibly get Rs.251 cashback.

These days, around Diwali, Google Pay has come up with a fun deal to make shopping more fun. The platform has come up with an interesting way to get people to use it. By collecting all five Diwali-themed stamps, users have a chance to win a prize worth Rs. 251. The stamps, which are of the shapes Diya, Jhumka, Flower, Rangoli, and Lantern, make the celebrations more fun and exciting. In this guide we showed how to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay.

Getting the Rangoli stamp becomes one of the main goals for the participants. The Rangoli stamp’s bright and complicated design gives the collection a touch of cultural depth. To get this particular stamp, users are encouraged to use the Google Pay app for transactions and to check out its different features.

Google Pay’s new approach not only gets users more involved, but it also makes a lot of noise about the platform during the holidays. As people rush to finish their stamp collection, the offer not only makes them feel excited, but it also makes Google Pay even more popular as a way to pay for things online during Diwali. Google Pay’s Diwali offer adds more happiness to the festival of lights, which is all about having fun.

How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay

Use the scanner to get a stamp.

  1. Start the scanner and the Google Pay app.
  2. Find a picture of a rangoli or a real one that you made at home.
  3. Scan the picture or rangoli on the Google Pay app two or three times.

Get any number of stamps every day.

  1. Create a Google Pay clone App/Dual App on your device or install it on another device.
  2. Login using a fresh Gmail account (you can also create a new Google account).
  3. Open the clone Google Pay App and enter a fresh phone number, no need to link bank details.
  4. Login with the fresh Google account.
  5. Verify the OTP and log into the application.
  6. Using this account, scan any picture and get daily 5 stamps.
  7. On getting Flowers or Rangoli Stamps, click on the Gift and send these stamps to the main account.
  8. Repeat this method to collect unlimited stamps by creating a new account daily and cloning.

Use your Paytm Wallet to get a stamp.

  1. Visit Paytm and navigate to the “add money” section.
  2. Enter the exact amount you wish to add to your Paytm wallet (e.g., Rs. 75 or more).
  3. Increase your likelihood of receiving a flower or rangoli stamp by using Google Pay for the transaction.

Understanding the Importance of Rangoli Stamp

Limited Supply and Value as a Collectible:

  • Users randomly got five different Diwali-themed stamps when they bought things and scanned things every day.
How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay
  • But the Rangoli stamp was much harder to find than the others, which made people go.

Game-based learning and reward:

  • Getting all five stamps unlocked a guaranteed reward of ₹251, which made the platform more like a game.
  • It became difficult to finish the set, which kept people interested and increased the use of Google Pay for purchases.

Sharing on social networks and fear of missing out (FOMO):

  • Users could ask friends for certain stamps, which encouraged competition and social interaction.
  • Seeing other people get the hard-to-find Rangoli stamp made people afraid of missing out (FOMO), which made them want to take part.

Tips and Tricks for Collecting Rangoli Stamps

  • Keep up-to-date: Check the Google Pay app and promotional emails often for new deals and campaigns.
  • Explore the app: Get to know the different parts of the app because rewards and special offers could be hidden in places like “Explore” or “Nearby deals.”
How to Get Rangoli Stamp in Google Pay
  • Take part in activities: To increase your chances of earning rewards, actively engage with offers like scanning bills, paying bills early, or using certain features.
  • Connect the right accounts: Connect accounts like your bank account, apps that let you recharge your phone, or apps that deliver food to get more chances to earn points or cashback.
  • Refer friends: Invite your friends to use your referral code when they sign up for Google Pay. You and your friend may both get extra rewards after successfully registering.

How to Download Google Pay App?

You can get the Google Pay app by going to your phone’s app store, like the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. Type “Google Pay” into the search bar. When you find the official app, click on the button that says “Download or Install.” To finish the installation, follow the steps shown on the screen.

Once the app is downloaded, open it and go through the setup process. This usually includes linking a payment method and proving who you are. Google Pay lets people send money, make safe online purchases, and easily manage their payment options.


What are the Diwali stamps on Google Pay?

There are five stamps in Google Pay’s collection that are all about Diwali. They are called Jumka, Flower, Diya, Lantern, and Rangoli. People can give and ask for these stamps with their friends. The Google Pay app also has a “Diwali Scanner” that lets users scan a Diwali item to get a new stamp.

What are the stamps in Google Pay?

Google Pay 2020 stamps include Balloon, DJ, Sunglasses, Disco, Toffee, Selfie, and Pizza and together form three different layers of cake. Available under the rewards section in the app, those collecting all 7 stamps will get assured rewards of up to Rs 2020.

What is the reward of Google Pay Diwali?

Take on different challenges on the Diwali map and collect shaguns as you go on a quest. Up to ₹501 INR cashback and a golden gift are yours if you finish all the challenges and get all 501 shaguns.

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