How to Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

In this article we will discuss about the how to Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Shiny Pokémon aren’t really shiny. Instead, they have different colors than their normal forms. This is a pretty rare Pokémon to find in the wild. Only about 1 out of every 4,096 Pokémon found is shiny.

Still, a large group of Pokémon players has been working for a long time to figure out how things work and break them down to make them easier to understand. There are a lot of events, from weekly Raid Hours and Spotlight Hours to bigger events that last for weeks.

The same PokéStops also give you Gifts that you can send to a list of friends you choose. Safari Zones and the annual Go Fests bring together thousands of players in person, and the biggest ones feel a bit like Woodstock for Pokémon.

How to Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

  • How to catch Pokémon: On the map, Pokémon won’t look Shiny, but will look like they do in real life. You won’t know if a Pokémon is Shiny until you battle it.
  • Time to shine: During Spotlight Hours, there will be more species of Pokémon. Depending on when the Spotlight Hours are, the species that show up may or may not be Shiny.
  • Hatching Eggs: When hatching eggs with egg incubators, there is a chance that the Pokémon that hatches will be Shiny.
  • Trading: People usually catch more than one Shiny Pokémon of the same type, so you can ask or trade your Shiny to someone else. The less Stardust you need, the higher your Friendship Level is with the other player.
  • Raids: When it’s time to catch a Pokémon after beating it in a raid, there’s a chance that it will be Shiny.
  • In the field: Special Field Research can have guaranteed rewards like Shiny Pokémon. During the Five-Year Anniversary Pokémon Go Event, players could do Special Research and meet a Shiny Eevee when they were done.

How to Make Shiny Sandwich with Sparkling Power

Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go
  • At the start of the game, you should start making sandwiches.
  • Get Herba Mystica, which can (but doesn’t always) be found in five-star raid battles.
  • Mix different kinds of Herba Mystica with different things to increase the chance that a Pokémon type will be shiny.
  • Don’t forget that sandwiches with more ingredients give better buffs.
  • If you’ll be going on a lot of shiny hunts, stock up on Herba Mystica.
  • Keep in mind that the effects of a sandwich only last for 30 minutes.
  • Make good use of the 30 minutes to get the most out of the sandwich.

What are Shiny Pokemon?

Shiny Pokémon are rare versions of their species that are a different color than the rest of their kind. You might find Shiny Pokémon in the wild if you’re lucky, especially during special events like Community Days or Pokémon GO Fest.

You can meet a Shiny Pokémon in many ways, such as in the wild, with a Raid Boss, during a Special Research Breakthrough, as a reward for a Research Task, or in some other way. Keep an eye on the official Pokémon GO blog for information on which Shiny Pokémon you might find or will be able to get in the game, since not all Pokémon have a shiny version yet.


How does Shiny Pokémon spawn?

If the original Trainers of two breeding Pokémon are different, their Eggs have six times the normal chance of hatching into Shiny Pokémon. Use a Weak Shiny Lure to make 1.22x more shiny Pokemon appear in the wild, or a Strong Shiny Lure to make 1.73x more shiny Pokemon appear.

What triggers a Shiny Pokémon?

Shinies can be found by catching Pokémon and watching to see if they have a different color on the battle and after-battle screens. They won’t show up in the field as a different color, so you have to try to catch them first.

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