Palworld: How to Get Tomato Seeds

Find out where to farm tomato seeds in Palworld without taking advantage of other people.

In Palworld’s video game, action-packed world, where stunning landscapes and high-stakes fights against crime gangs define your adventure, Pals are more than just friends they are the only way to stay alive in a strange and dangerous world. In this article we showed how to Get Tomato Seeds in Palworld.

In the middle of the exciting adventures of exploration and battle, you need to pay attention to something less exciting but very important: feeding your loyal companions. Keeping tomato seeds safe becomes a very important task in this changing environment. These seeds are more than just an ordinary gardening item; they’re your friends’ lifeline, making sure they stay healthy and, by extension, your daring adventures succeed.

As you make your way through Palworld’s challenges, getting and growing tomato seeds becomes an important part of your plan. This is where adventure and responsibility come together to form a complex web of survival. In this fascinating world, an epic journey is built on the balance between exciting adventures and the simple search for food. If you want more information go to their official website.

How to Get Tomato Seeds in Palworld

  1. Identify Pals Dropping Tomato Seeds:
    • Broncherry
    • Dinossom Lux
    • Mossanda
    • Vaelet
    • Wumpo Botan
  2. Obtain Tomato Seeds:
    • Catch or defeat the mentioned Pals to acquire Tomato Seeds.
  3. Focus on Dinossom Lux:
    • Note that Dinossom Lux is the exclusive Pal dropping only Tomato Seeds.
    • Locate Mossanda:
    • Find Mossanda near the Sealed Realm of the Guardian; it is the easiest Pal to encounter.
  4. Bonus Pal – Broncherry:
    • Check our guide for finding Broncherry, which drops both Tomato Seeds and Meat. It can be found in the northern Dessicated Desert.
  5. Unlock Tomato Plantation:
    • Acquire Tomato Seeds and proceed to unlock the Tomato Plantation in Level 32 of the Technology tab. The cost is 2 Technology Points.
  6. Plant and Grow Tomatoes:
    • Once the Tomato Plantation is unlocked, plant the acquired Tomato Seeds. Allow your Pals to harvest and grow them over time.
  7. 8. Level Up Strategies:
    • Utilize our guide to quickly raise your Player Level.

Understanding the Importance of Tomato Seeds in Palworld

Getting Resources:

  • Food Source: For you and your Pals, tomatoes grown from seeds are an easy way to eat something that will keep them healthy and going.
Palworld: How to Get Tomato Seeds
  • Crafting Potential: Seeds can be used to make useful things, like the Tomato Plantation, which lets you grow tomatoes for a long time.

Adding to Capabilities:

  • Ingredient in Recipes: Tomatoes are an important part of recipes that give your friends temporary boosts to their attack power or other skills during important tasks or battles.
  • Trading: If you have too many tomatoes, you can sell them to merchants for gold, which will help your game’s economy.

Sustainability in the long term:

  • Self-Sufficiency: Once you install a Tomato Plantation, you can always get tomatoes without having to look for them or buy them.
  • Less Dependence: Growing your own food makes you less reliant on outside resources like shopping or hunting, which gives you more time and energy to do other things.

Tips for Efficient Tomato Seed Collection

Choose the right friends:

  • DINOSOM Lux: This Pal only drops Tomato Seeds, which makes it the best target. Find them and beat them as a top priority.
  • Broncheries: These creatures can drop both Tomato Seeds and Broncherie Meat, so you can get two rewards for the price of one.
  • Mossanda: Mossanda can be found near the Sealed Realm of the Guardian. It’s not too hard to find, and it drops Tomato Seeds sometimes.

Improve your work:

  • Grab Pals with the right skills. To automate parts of your tomato farming, look for Pals with the “Planting,” “Watering,” and “Gathering” skills. You can make these traits better by upgrading them.
  • You can use Warsect and Wumpo Botan. These Friends are great at planting and gathering, which will speed up the farming process.
  • Look at these ways to capture: If you plan to farm Pals for a long time, befriending them might be better than beating them.

Palworld Tomato Seed Farming Strategies

How to Get Tomato Seeds:

  • Wild Pals, Broncherry, Dinossom Lux, Mossanda, Vaelet, and Wumpo Botan may drop Tomato Seeds when they are defeated.
  • Take things from treasure chests, In the Palworld overworld, you might find Tomato Seeds hidden in chests.

Putting together a tomato farm:

  • Needs Level 32 of Technology.
  • 3 tomato seeds, 70 pieces of wood, 50 pieces of stone, and 5 bottles of pal fluid.

How to Plant and Grow:

  • After the plantation is built, plant your tomato seeds in the designated spots inside it.
  • Pals should work on the plantation. Pals who are good at “Agriculture” will help you the most.


How do you farm tomato seeds?

Plant seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last date of extreme cold. Make sure they get enough water, warmth, and sunlight to help them germinate. Give Them Enough Sunlight: For best growth and fruit production, tomatoes need at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight every day.

How to get tomatoes at 70 rupees?

Tomatoes are now being sold by the National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India Ltd (NCCF) on the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) platform for a reduced price of Rs 70 per kg. At first, you will be able to order the tomatoes through apps like Paytm, Magicpin, Mystore, and Pincode.

How many kg of tomatoes per acre?

Income comes back in 1 acre Tomato farming: A farmer can get about 10 tonnes or 10,000 kg of tomatoes from a 1-acre plot of land if they pick four times. One kilogramme of tomatoes costs about Rs. 15/kg, which is the lowest price we could find.

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