How to Get Tombstone Perk in MW3 Zombies

Do not be afraid of death anymore! Find out how to get the Tombstone perk in MW3 Zombies.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies video game, the Tombstone Soda Can adds a new twist to the game and gives players a tactical edge when they die. To get this coveted perk, players must survive the zombie attack and find the strategically placed Tombstone vending machine on the map. In this article we talk about how to get Tombstone Perk in MW3 Zombies.

When the Tombstone Soda is bought, it gives the player a special ability: when they die, a tombstone is built at the spot where they died, protecting their inventory until the next game. This cool new feature gives the game more tactical depth and makes players think about the risks and benefits of their choices.

As the zombies get closer, the Tombstone Soda turns into a useful insurance policy that lets players get back their hard-earned weapons and gear when things go wrong. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, learning how to use the Tombstone perk becomes essential for survival as players plan their moves to get the most out of it and improve their chances of beating the zombie horde.

What is The Tombstone Perk?

The Tombstone Perk in MW3 Zombies serves as a securing mechanism for the loot that you have worked so hard to acquire. In contrast to other benefits, it does not contribute to the enhancement of your abilities but rather creates a temporary stash wherever you die. This stash gives you the ability to save and retrieve your backpack at the beginning of your subsequent playthrough, even if you die during the one you are currently playing.

How to get Tombstone Perk in MW3 Zombies

You can think of it as a second chance for the gear that you have accumulated. All of your belongings, including weapons, equipment, and Perk-A-Colas, are stored inside your backpack. Nevertheless, upon your death, you will lose any armour vests, Killstreaks, and items that are not contained within your backpack. Going to the main official website is the best way to find out more.

How to get Tombstone Perk in MW3 Zombies

  1. Loot cache: Players can get Tombstone sodas or other Perk-A-Colas from caches that are spread out across the map. When you find the Perk, make sure to empty the cache so you can use it in the next run.
  2. Get them: For 2000 Essence, players can buy Tombstone soda cans at a soda machine.
  3. Finish contracts: The Tombstone Perk is given to players who finish some contracts, like the Paint the Target mission.
  4. Craft with Schematics: If a player has the necessary Schematics, they can also craft the Tombstone.

How Does The Tombstone Perk Work?

  • Activate it and die: If you die while using Tombstone, a tombstone will mark your final resting place if you meet your demise at the hands of huge groups of zombies.
  • Bring your treasures back to life in the next life: Where your tombstone is in your next game will be shown by the map. To get back your whole rucksack from the last run, go there and interact with it.
  • Which things you keep and which ones you lose: Tombstone can save your backpack, but it can only do so much. Things like weapons, armour, kill streaks, and gear that you have equipped will be lost, but the things in your trusty backpack will be safe and waiting for you when you get back.

Benefits of Using Tombstone Perk

  • Your Gear is Safe: If you die while Tombstone is active, all of your backpack items, including Perk-a-Colas, weapons, attachments, and gear, are stored in a tombstone stash at the point of death. This lets you keep valuable items even if you die, which will give you a big advantage the next time you play.
  • Head Start on Future Rounds: Since the items in your backpack have been saved, you can skip the first few stages of scavenging and focus on moving forward in the next game. You can get to higher rounds faster and with less time and money if you do this.
How to get Tombstone Perk in MW3 Zombies
  • Keeping Rare Finds Safe: Tombstone is great for keeping rare things safe, like blueprints for powerful weapons, expensive Perk-a-Colas like Tombstone itself, or useful materials for crafting. Losing these can be very upsetting, so Tombstone makes sure they will live on even after a person dies.
  • Strategic Risk-Taking: Being sure that your gear is safe makes you more likely to try new things. You don’t have to worry about losing everything if you die, so you can try out riskier moves, try out different weapons and strategies, or push through higher rounds.


How do you find your tombstone in Zombies?

In the next game, find your death site and a Tombstone Stash marker. See image below. The Tombstone will contain all your backpack items from the last game. Make sure you have room to pick up everything.

How do you craft perks in MW3 Zombies?

Schematics from Story Mission rewards or Reward Rifts in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies are the best way to make a Perk-a-Cola. These Schematics are rare and randomly given, but you can make any flavour repeatedly.

Is MW3 worth it?

Single-player is terrible, Zombies mode is uninspired, and multiplayer has so many issues that it’s hard to enjoy. The game has technical issues and microtransactions that border on pay-to-win because paid skins are hard to spot in maps.

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