How to Get Yarn in Merge Mansion: spun with secrets

Untangle the secrets of silk and yarn in Merge Mansion, transform moths into magical materials, and build your crafting mastery!

Within the context of the matching puzzle game known as Merge Mansion, players are tasked with the responsibility of restoring the run-down family estate. It is divided into a great number of smaller regions of the mansion, and in each of these places, they are required to perform a number of chores using the necessary components, which Get Yarn in Merge Mansion and other items.

The creation of a new component typically requires the merging of multiple pieces. Nevertheless, users have the ability to acquire more materials in the form of drops from pre-existing generators or sources. Despite the fact that more experienced players are well-versed in the method of acquiring them, newcomers may find it difficult to acquire items such as yarn due to the rather tedious nature of the process.

How to Get Yarn in Merge Mansion

There is no yarn in the house. In mix Mansion, you need to mix two Silk to get a Yarn instead. On the other hand, you can only get Silk from a Moth, which will usually show up on an empty field next to a Post Light. Every time you charge a Moth, it will drop 20 Silk. In total, it will drop 60 Silk before it disappears. Three times, the Moths can be charged, and each time takes an hour.

  1. Level 1: Yarn (Lv1) – 1 Coin
  2. Level 2: Yarn (Lv2) – 2 Coins
  3. Level 3: Ball of Yarn – 4 Coins
  4. Level 4: Bigger Ball of Yarn – 6 Coins
  5. Level 5: Balls of Yarn – 12 Coins, 1 XP Star
  6. Level 6: More Balls of Yarn (I) – 25 Coins, 1 XP Star
  7. Level 7: More Balls of Yarn (II) – 51 Coins, 1 XP Star
  8. Level 8: More Balls of Yarn (III) – 102 Coins, 1 XP Star
  9. Level 9: Weave (I) – 205 Coins, 1 XP Star
  10. Level 10: Weave (II) – 410 Coins, 1 XP Star
  11. Level 11: Weave (III) – 820 Coins, 1 XP Star

Tips for Beginners: Getting Started with Yarn in Merge Mansion

  • Silk, Silk, Glorious Silk: Silk is where your trip begins! Moths that are drawn to lamplight drop these shimmering lines. They will become Yarn when you mix them, which is the base of your textile business.
  • Moth Magic: More Moths will come to your lamp when you level it up, and they will drop more Silk at once. Don’t forget to feed these flying friends yard dewdrops once in a while.
How to Get Yarn in Merge Mansion
  • Merge, Merge, Merge: Don’t forget that joining is the goal! By putting Yarn balls together to make bigger and better ones, you can eventually unlock Weaves, which is the best fabric material ever.
  • Set Task Priorities: Focus on merging yarn that you need to do certain things in the yard. Don’t let shiny new things take your attention away from the quest board.
  • Spin the Wheel of Fortune. Depending on your luck, this magical machine will give you Yarn, Silk, or other useful things. Try it out whenever you can!

Advanced Techniques for Yarn Accumulation in Merge Mansion

  • Moth Magnets: If you want to draw higher-level Moths, you should focus on improving your lantern. These beings from space drop more Silk, which is used to make yarn.
  • Dewdrop Devotion: Give your moths lots of dewdrops every day. Happy Moths drop Silk more often, which quickly turns you into a yarn mogul.
  • Finds in the Toolbox: Don’t forget about the Toolbox! It often has Silk or Yarn surprises that are just ready to be found. Check it often and join its contents to give your yarn a boost.
  • Merging Based on Tasks: Look over the jobs on your quest board. Focus on merging the Yarn that you will need for upcoming jobs to make sure you have everything you need to do them well.
  • Event Leverage: Take part in special events to get special benefits like extra Yarn or tools that help you make more Silk.

How to Download Merge Mansion Game App?

Merge Mansion is a mobile game with puzzles and hidden object scenes wrapped up in an interesting story about finding things and fixing things. Here is a list of its most important parts: The main way to play is to combine objects of the same type to make higher-level versions that let you access new items and functions. If you want to get Merge Mansion Game on google play store and iOS Store.


Are there cheat codes for Merge Mansion?

There aren’t any cheat codes for Merge Mansion, but there are other things you can do to help you. Some of these are simple tips to make the most of your experience and changing the time on your phone.How long are you going to wait?

How do you get the sewing kit in Merge Mansion?

You get your first Red Chest for doing a job in the Great Hall early in the game. It gives you the basics you need to get started, like a Workbench and a Sewing Kit. After that, you’ll get a few more Chests as you progress through that area.

Can you get unlimited energy on Merge Mansion?

For five, ten, or twenty minutes after activating an Unlimited Energy bubble, you can do as many acts that use energy as you want without using up any of the energy you had before the bubble. They can’t be joined together.

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