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Welcome to our guide, we will show you the Google classroom tips for teachers. If Google Classroom is new to you, you’re in for a treat because it’s a very powerful yet relatively easy-to-use resource. It makes digitizing lessons for the classroom and online learning much easier. Since it’s a Google-powered program, it’s constantly being updated with new features and resources to make it easier for teachers to use. You already have access to many free tools that can make teaching better, easier, and more flexible.

To be clear, it’s not an eLearning mobile apps like Blackboard, but it can function similarly, allowing teachers to share materials with students, set assignments, make presentations, and more, all from one place across a range of devices. Google Classroom is a set of online tools that allow teachers to set assignments, submit student work, grade and return graded work. Google Classroom was designed to eliminate paper in the classroom and enable digital learning. It was originally intended for use with laptops in schools, such as Chromebooks, to allow teachers and students to share information and assignments more efficiently.

Who knows what our classrooms will look like in the fall? The only thing we know for sure is that the pandemic has shown us that while technology can’t replace the teacher, it’s likely here to stay. With that in mind, here are some time-saving Google Classroom tips to help you whether you’re teaching online, in the classroom, or (yikes!) both at the same time.  Below we mentioned the Time saving google classroom tricks for teachers.

Here is the list of Google classroom tricks for teachers

Reorder classwork

Once classes are created and students have joined them, teachers can start posting messages, sharing resources, and sending assignments from the Classroom tab. Google Classroom organizes all of this for you by asking you to categorize it – quiz, assignment, material – before it goes live. And even after the material is published, you can drag and drop it to reorder it or move it to another section without any hassle.

Choose a topical organizational strategy

Using the “Subjects” option on the Classwork page makes it easier to organize assignments. But even within Google Classroom, there are many different approaches to organization. What works for one teacher may not necessarily work for another. Each teacher has their own preferences in this regard. Choose a plan that works for your grade level and preferences!

Schedule on Google Calendar

Google Classroom syncs with Google Calendar. So you can use it to schedule assignments for your students. Every time you set a due date for an assignment, it automatically appears in Google Calendar. Assignments are color-coded based on the color that appears in your class header. You can filter assignment dates by class, so you can either see individual classes or all at once.

Invite Parents

In the “Students” section, use the “Invite guardians” feature to give parents access to their child’s classroom. This way, you can also easily send parents emails from the classroom.

Use Cntrl + F to Find Numbers and Words in Google Classroom

Even the most organized classwork page can become quite long after a few weeks of assignments. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F (Command + F on a Mac) to search for keywords or assignment numbers (as mentioned above) on the page. Teach this trick to your students, too!

Resuse posts, send to all

There is no need to share duplicate posts in each class when you can use the “Reuse Post” feature. So, if you need to share a message, assignment, or learning material with more than one class, use the Reuse Post option when you click the Create button and select the message you want to republish. If you want to publish a message for multiple classes in the stream, select the classes to receive it.

Make a class template for Google Classroom

Once you choose your preferred Google Classroom organization strategy, create a duplicate of the class to use as a model. Every time you need a new class, you can create a duplicate so that you have all the topics prepared and structured. Also, you can save all your assignments as drafts. To copy a class, you just need to go to your Google Classroom home page and select “Copy Class” by clicking on the three dots on the class card.

Reuse a Post

Post reuse is a feature that allows you to reuse an assignment, question, or announcement from your class. This feature is handy when you want students to review exercises, review, or copy assignments to different classes without uploading them separately. Just click the reuse post icon and send it to the class where you want it to appear.

Create Subject Folders

Create folders for each subject by pressing the “Plus” button and selecting “Subject”. Then, when you create a task, you can select the subject in which the task should be placed.

Did you know that you can get a direct link to a specific task? This way you can easily refer your students to a specific activity. Just go to the Classwork page, find the assignment, click on the 3 dots to the right of the assignment and copy the link.

Invite a co-teacher

This depends on the availability of teachers to help you. Google Classroom lets you add teachers to a classroom for support and facilitation. While a teacher focuses on the curriculum, the assistant teacher can ensure that students receive guidance and don’t post unnecessary items.

The teacher can invite a co-teacher to assist by clicking the People tab and then clicking the Invite Teacher button. If you can’t invite a teacher to assist, you can open the classroom settings (gear tool at the top right of the class page) and restrict how students post and comment in the stream.

Projects should be divided into smaller assignments with individual due dates

As we try to move beyond static, one-time assignments, we need to think differently about how to incorporate project-based learning into the classroom. For students, especially those who lack time management skills, large projects can be intimidating. It’s important to give them milestones and break the work down into manageable tasks with checkpoints. An integrated digital planner is a great solution for this task!

Go Paperless with Digital Assignments

Google Classroom makes it easy for your students to submit assignments paperlessly. Once you’re working with Google Slides and Google Docs, you can create assignments that students can complete and return to you directly on the platform.

Final Words

We hope you like this article on Google classroom tips for teachers you should know. platform for Online preparation —like Google Classroom  have gained popularity over the past few months because of Covid-19. While students and parents have had to familiarize themselves with the new medium of education, teachers have also had to learn and lead the way in a short time. So if you are an instructor who is new to Google Classroom or wants to learn more about this platform then these tips will come handy…

I hope you understand this article, Google classroom tips for teachers.

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