Helldivers 2: How To Beat Automaton Tanks

Dominate the battlefield! Learn how to take down the toughest Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2.

One of the strongest enemy types in Helldivers 2 is the tank. They are part of the Automaton group and have heavy armor and powerful weapons that make them hard to beat. Without heavy weapons of some kind, it’s almost impossible to destroy these cars. There are some tricks you might need to use if you want to beat these tools for the sake of real freedom. In this article we will show you how To Beat Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2.

Tanks are kind of like mini-bosses that can be sent out from an Automaton Dropship during a task, like the Terminid Bile Titan enemies in Helldivers 2 video game. Like a lot of other enemies, they have clear weak spots that you or your team can aim for to deal more damage. But Tanks are hard to defeat because their armor is made of many layers of steel. You have to find a way to get through their defense.

How To Beat Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2

  • Pick your weapons and explosives carefully: The makers made sure that the weapons and grenades can do a lot of damage to heavy armor units. Some of the easier weapons to get are anti-tank rifles, which work very well against tanks. There are also some great stratagems, such as autocannons, the railgun, the spear, and the recoilless rifle.
  • Move around a lot: Tanks move very slowly and need a lot of time to react to your situation. Take advantage of this and stay on the move when you’re near them. To avoid problems, use speed and try to finish tasks as quickly as possible, even when you have goals to meet.
  • Aim for weakness: There are two types of Automaton Tanks, and both of them have a clear weakness. They have a red-glow heat sink part that you need to keep your eye on. Use tools that can cut through armor and fight Automatons well.
  • Positioning: With the Automaton Tanks in mind, it’s always best to spread your team out in different directions. The enemy has to focus on one part, which is then exposed from several sides. The person on your team who is taking the heat should use prone and covers to stay alive while the other people finish the tanks. To beat the tanks, you need to work together.

Essential Strategies for Taking Down Automaton Tanks

  • Distraction: Give one player the job of drawing the tank’s fire to distract it. This lets other players focus on doing damage instead of getting hit all the time.
  • Efforts Together: Plan an all-out attack with your team and target the tank’s weak spots (more on this later). This will quickly destroy it.
  • For Heavy Hitters: Bring weapons like the Rocket Pod or the Anti-Material Rifle that do a lot of damage to cars. The tank’s health can be quickly lost with these tools.
  • Explosive Options: Use Stratagems like the Eagle Cluster Bomb or the Orbital Precision Strike in a smart way to do a lot of damage. But watch out for friendly fire, especially when weapons are around.
Helldivers 2: How To Beat Automaton Tanks
  • Focus your fire on the rear engine to do the most damage. This is a very important spot on the tank and is often the weakest.
  • Secondary Weapons: The engine is the best part to attack, but don’t be afraid to damage other parts like the wheels or turret to stop them from working and make it harder for the tank to move and attack.

Advanced Tactics for Defeating Automaton Tanks

Teamwork and Coordination:

  • Distraction and Focus Fire: Coordinate with your team to distract the tank while others focus fire on its weak points. One player can use the Shield Generator Pack to draw aggro while others unload heavy weaponry.
  • Combined Arms: Mix and match strategies and weapon types for maximum effectiveness. One player can use an Eagle Cluster Bomb to soften the tank, followed by concentrated fire from teammates wielding Autocannons or Rocket Pods.

Weapon and Stratagem Choice:

  • Anti-Tank Specialists: Equip players with dedicated anti-tank weaponry like the Expendable Anti-Tank or the Railgun. These weapons deal significant damage to the tank’s critical areas.
  • Strategic Orbital Strikes: Utilize powerful orbital support like the Orbital Precision Strike or the Eagle Orbital Laser. These can inflict tremendous damage on the tank, but be cautious of friendly fire.


How do you deal with Hulk’s Helldivers 2?

If you can get behind it and aim a good shotgun like the Breaker at it, you can deal a lot of damage to its back. If you can’t, an autocannon backup weapon can cut through armor. We think the Jump Pack would help you get behind it more easily.

How do you destroy the automaton detection tower?

Going into its base and not getting a hellbomb is what I would do. I would ignore it and run away. I have dropped every other thing I can think of on those. On one mission, we even used the 500 kg bomb to hit one, but only hellbombs worked. Use the Hellbomb. You can also hurt the gun by shooting at its back vent.

What happens if you nuke the Hulk?

Even though the Hulk was strong enough to handle the nuclear attacks, the noise of the explosions and the cries of people who were dying finally got to him. The Hulk went back to New Mexico, where he was born, and locked himself in a cave with a huge rock. Banner was trapped inside with him for many years.

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