Monster Hunter World: How to Hide Helmet

Want to change your look? Don't worry! In Monster Hunter World, it's easy to hide your helmet and show off your true hunter style.

In Monster Hunter’s huge world, hunting epic creatures not only earns you valuable items but also cool gear. It’s just as important to show off your well-made Hunter as it is to go on the hunt. Some Monster Hunter players care more about showing off their character’s unique look than keeping them safe. In this guide we talk about how to hide helmet in monster hunter world.

The Iceborne expansion is a smart way for these players to do this. The games knows how important it is for each person to be unique, so players can remove or hide their character’s helmet without losing any of the stat boosts that come with the well-thought-out armour sets. Because there are so many ways to customise an avatar, this feature keeps track of how many hours were spent perfecting their look or facial features.

With the Iceborne add-on for Monster Hunter: World, players can hunt dangerous monsters in a way that is both stylish and useful. This is great for hunters who want to show off their art skills or people who just want to look at pretty faces without any other things going on.

How to Hide Helmet In Monster Hunter World

  1. Open Monster Hunter World and enter the game.
  2. Navigate to the System menu.
  3. Select Options from the System menu.
  4. Within the Options menu, choose Game Settings.
  5. Locate the option for Head Armour settings.
  6. Click on the Head Armour option to reveal three toggle choices.
  7. Toggle between the options to select how you want your helmet to appear in the game.
  8. Confirm your choice to hide or show head armour in Monster Hunter World.

Benefits of Hiding Helmets in the Game

Benefits for the eyes

  • Full character view: When you hide your helmet, you can see your hunter’s whole face and hairstyle, which makes the visual experience and immersion better. This is especially appealing to players who took time to make their character look unique.
  • Fashionable: You can mix and match armour without having to worry about helmet styles that don’t go with each other. This gives you more options for making fashion sets that are truly unique and personal.
  • Emotional expression: Seeing how your character is feeling through their faces while you play adds more depth and connection. You can see how they react when they fight monsters, win, or lose, which makes the game more interesting.
Monster Hunter World: How to Hide Helmet

Useful advantages

  • Better visibility: Helmets that are too big or block your view of the monster or the environment can sometimes make it harder to see. During combat, hiding the helmet can help you see what’s going on around you and react faster.
  • Immersion in cutscenes: In Monster Hunter World, some cutscenes show the hunter’s face up close. By hiding the helmet, you can see your character’s whole face during these important story moments.
  • Thoughts: In the end, whether you hide your helmet or not is a matter of personal choice. Some players like seeing their character’s face just because it looks nice, while others find it more useful for gameplay.

About the Game

GenreAction role-playing game (ARPG)
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Steam)
Developer & PublisherCapcom
Release DateJanuary 26, 2018 (PS4, Xbox One), September 9, 2019 (PC)
SettingOpen world, fantasy-themed world with diverse environments
GameplayHunt and defeat monstrous creatures, craft weapons and armor from their remains, explore vast landscapes, and cooperate with other hunters
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Community Reactions and Preferences on Helmet Visibility

Monster Hunter World: How to Hide Helmet

Points in favour of helmet visibility

  • Immersion: Seeing your character’s face and emotions makes role-playing more fun and helps players feel more connected to their hunter.
  • Socialising: Hunters feel more connected to each other when their helmets are off during cutscenes and interactions in town.
  • Appreciation for Customisation: Players spend a lot of time and effort making their looks unique, and hiding their helmets makes their hard work less noticeable.

Why you should hide your helmet

  • Fashionability: Helmets and armour styles often don’t go together, making it hard to put together a good look. By hiding them, you have more fashion options.
  • Usefulness and Mythology: Helmets protect hunters in the real world, and they also often have mythological meanings. Some players find it unrealistic to hide them, which breaks their immersion.
  • Competitive Balance: Some say that hiding helmets gives players an unfair advantage in competitions because it’s easy to tell what skills or builds someone has based on their helmet.

What the community wants

  • Based on polls and conversations, it seems like the community has a pretty even opinion on the matter, with a slight lean towards wanting helmet visibility.
  • A lot of players like having the choice because it lets them make their experience unique based on their tastes and the circumstances.
  • Some players prefer a more nuanced approach, such as letting players see their helmets during cutscenes and interactions in town but hiding them during battle.


Can you make your helmet invisible in Monster Hunter?

You can choose to hide the screen that shows your head armour. Do not worry, hiding your head armour will not change your stats while it is on.

How do you hide your helmet in the new world?

In New World, players must first click Tab to open their inventory and then right-click on the headpiece they want to hide. This will hide it without losing gear score. Select “Change Skin” and look for “Hide Headgear” near the bottom of the list.

How do I make a hide helmet?

You don’t need a certain Smithing level or perks to make a hide helmet. The following things can be used to make it at a blacksmith’s forge: Two leather. 1 piece of leather.

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