How to ask Google to remove personal information

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Check How to ask Google to remove personal information

Do you want to recover part of your privacy? Use the procedures below to hide the most humiliating parts of your personal information from Google searches or delete them altogether. There’s a valid reason why people choose to remove their personal data from Google: someone could learn more about you than you’d like from a simple Google search. Your home address, whether you filed for bankruptcy, the names of your relatives, and other details are often easy for a stalker, employer, or nosy co-worker to discover. In some circumstances, private data such as your credit card information, medical history, and signature may also be accessed. This can, at best, be embarrassing. At worst, it makes people worry about Internet security issues like phishing, doxing, and identity theft.

It might be attractive to try and disappear from the Internet altogether. However, it is a lot of work, particularly when it comes to data brokers, and there may still be a record of you online. Even if you perform an anonymous search without tracking, use Google’s incognito mode, delete your Google history, and refuse to accept cookies, Google still collects a lot of information about you. However, this information is not displayed in search results. Therefore, it would be best to raise your concerns directly with Google if you are concerned about personal information showing up in a Google search.

How to ask Google to delete your personal information

In the past, Google would only delete your personal information from the Internet if it could prove that you were at immediate risk. Now, you can ask them to delete sensitive information even if you’re not at immediate risk of identity theft or doxing. In order for Google to take action, the information you want removed must fit into one of these categories:

  • Sensitive government identification (ID) numbers, such as US Social Security number, etc.
  • Bank account and credit card numbers
  • Photos of your handwritten signature
  • Photographs of identification documents
  • Medical records and other classified information
  • Personal contact information (phone numbers, home address, email addresses)
  • Access credentials
  • Photos of anyone under the age of 18, even if they are not explicit

If they find a website that hosts this type of information, they will not remove the website, but will remove it from search results for all search results, or just for searches that include your name.

  • Head over to this Google support page and click the blue Start Removal Request button near the bottom.
  • Use the page that appears to choose what you want Google to do with your information and where it exists. The options you must choose are:
    • Remove information you see on Google Search
    • In Google search results and on a website
    • No, I prefer not to.
  • Select the category in which your personal information is located. If you are trying to remove data from multiple categories, you will need to complete this form multiple times.
  • Once you have chosen all the options, a new form will appear asking for your full name, country and email address. You will also need to provide the exact URLs of the websites where your information appears, a link to the
  • Google search that you can use to find your information and screenshots of the information wherever it appears.
  • Check the box that requires your electronic signature, and then click Submit.

Final words: How to ask Google to remove personal information

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