Easily Remove Unwanted Ads on Your Android Device

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on blocking unwanted advertisements on your Android phone. In this digital era, ads are everywhere, and while they are crucial for supporting many free services, they can sometimes disrupt our mobile experience. This guide aims to arm you with simple, effective methods to enhance your browsing and app usage without intrusive ads.

Let’s dive deep into the steps needed to keep your device ad-free. With a focus on functionality and security, we’ll explore how to utilize Android’s built-in features to achieve an ad-light experience. Moreover, we’ll highlight the latest in ad-blocking technology to ensure that your information remains up to date and relevant.

Join us as we navigate the ‘How to block ads on Android phone’ topic, marrying technical know-how with a seamless, reader-friendly narrative.

Embracing a Streamlined Mobile Experience

Advertisements on your Android device can be intrusive, particularly when they pop up during important tasks or leisure browsing. Thankfully, there are now efficient and user-friendly methods to reduce or even eliminate these ads. At the forefront is a feature called Private DNS, which allows users to prevent ads from displaying in web browsers and applications seamlessly.

Locating Private DNS Settings

  • Open your phone’s settings and navigate to the ‘Network & Internet’ section to find ‘Private DNS’.
  • If you’re having trouble locating it, the search bar within Settings is a handy tool—simply type in ‘Private DNS’.

Setting up a Private DNS Provider Hostname

Within the Private DNS settings, you’ll encounter three choices:

  • Off
  • Automatic
  • Private DNS provider hostname

Select ‘Private DNS provider hostname’ to proceed to the configuration stage.

Entering the Ad Blocker’s DNS

  • In the provided space, enter ‘dns.adguard.com’ (or the DNS address of your preferred ad-blocking service) and save the changes.
  • By doing so, your Android device will utilize AdGuard’s DNS servers, filtering out ads before they can reach your device.

Post-setup, you should notice a significant decrease in ads across web browsers and within various apps. It’s possible that some residual white spaces, where ads used to be, may appear.


With these steps, you can reclaim control over your Android device’s interface, enjoying an ad-reduced environment that doesn’t compromise your digital experience. Remember, while ad-blocking can enhance browsing, it’s also vital to support content creators and services you value – consider whitelisting their platforms when possible.


Q: Does setting up a Private DNS on my Android affect my internet speeds?

A: Using a Private DNS typically does not have a significant impact on internet speeds, as it only reroutes domain name resolution queries through different servers.

Q: Are there any apps that AdGuard’s Private DNS cannot block ads in?

A: Certain apps may use non-standard methods to display ads, which a DNS-based ad blocker may not intercept, but most standard ads should be blocked effectively.

We hope this guide equips you with the knowledge to improve your Android phone usage. For more detailed information or assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you found this guide ‘How to block ads on Android phone’ helpful, please share it with your community and continue to support us.

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