Ultimate Guide to Blocking Spam on Telegram

Are you tired of being bombarded with unwanted messages and solicitations on Telegram? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll reveal top strategies for safeguarding your Telegram experience. Keep your focus undisturbed and preserve the app’s convenience by learning how to fend off spam on this popular messaging platform.

In an era where messaging apps have become central to our digital communication, Telegram stands out as a beacon of speed and security. Yet, its soaring popularity has also made it a magnet for spam. However, there’s no need to despair – you have the power to take control and minimize these annoyances with the right know-how.

Preventative Measures: Shield Yourself from Group Spam

Spammers often act en masse, infiltrating groups to cast a wide net. Given that Telegram groups can hold up to 200,000 members, they’re prime targets for spam campaigns. By tweaking your Telegram settings, you can substantially reduce your exposure to these digital pests.

To configure who can add you to Telegram groups, open the app, tap ‘Settings,’ head over to ‘Privacy and Security,’ and then select ‘Groups & Channels.’ Adjust the ‘Who can add me’ option to ‘My Contacts,’ ensuring that only trusted individuals can extend an invitation to you.

Step Up Your Privacy: Control Who Can Contact You

Seeking to connect you with friends, Telegram allows others to find you via your phone number by default. But if that number falls into the wrong hands, spammers can identify and target you as a Telegram user. To prevent this, access ‘Settings’ once again, navigate to ‘Privacy and Security,’ and modify ‘Who can find me by my phone number’ to ‘My Contacts’ only, safeguarding your presence on the app.

While you’re tweaking your privacy settings, consider opting for ‘Nobody’ under ‘Who can see my phone number’ to bolster your privacy on the platform even further.

Take Action: Block and Report Spammers

When spammers slip through the cracks, take swift action. Utilize the ‘Report’ feature found under the three-dot icon in the conversation’s upper right corner to alert Telegram support. You can also block individual users from this menu, preventing any further communication from them.


Spam can be a relentless nuisance, but with these effective strategies in hand, you can anchor your Telegram experience in tranquility. Put this guide into practice, and enjoy an uninterrupted connection with family, friends, and colleagues.


Q: How can I stop receiving spam messages from unknown Telegram users?

A: You can restrict who can add you to groups and who can contact you by adjusting your Privacy and Security settings to ‘My Contacts’ only, as described in the guide above.

Q: What should I do if I encounter a spammer on Telegram?

A: If you receive spam messages, report the content and block the sender using the options available under the three-dot icon in the chat.

Embrace these tips for a secure and serene Telegram messaging environment that supports productive and enjoyable digital interactions.

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