How To Browse Anonymously on Android

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Keeping your browsing anonymous is just as important on your phone as it is on your laptop and desktop, whether you want to thwart advertisers, prevent big tech from creating a profile on you, or just keep your browsing to yourself, no we do. it does. We want to leave your privacy up to chance, especially considering we all use our phones for sensitive browsing more and more these days. Please note that you should consider different types of “anonymity”.

When you access a website on your smartphone, your cell phone provider, network operator, and government know that you accessed that website. Tor allows you to browse anonymously and bypass web censorship on your desktop. Orbot brings Tor to Android, so you can do the same from your smartphone. Whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, Orbot works the same way. Like the Tor Browser package for PC, it connects to the Tor network and allows you to browse the web anonymously.

There is local anonymity, where your browsing is not recorded on your device, but sites and advertisers can record it; Then there’s anonymous tracking, where sites and advertisers can’t track you across the web. You may not feel like someone is watching when you use the internet on your phone or tablet, but the truth is that many interested parties can monitor all your activities. In this article we will teach you how to browse anonymously on Android.

How to browse anonymously on Android

Change Chrome browser settings

Adjust some browser settings, you can surf the Internet completely anonymously with Google Chrome. To do this you will have to carry out the following actions:

  • from the main menu of Google Chrome open the Settings and go to the Privacy Policy section; here you will find all the options related to your privacy and, by deactivating the multitude of entries present, you can avoid tracking and even delete the entire history;
  • Settings go to Site Settings and then go to the Cookies section. At this point, you must block third-party cookies, which are the ones that collect the most data.

Use an anonymous browser

Various browser data to surf the net anonymously on your Android device. Here are the ones we consider to be the best on the market:

  • Tor Browser: Currently the best out there, this browser completely blocks ad scripts and data collectors, isolates cookies, and takes steps to prevent sites from knowing your device and any other technical data;
  • Brave Browser: it is another very good browser to browse the web anonymously; offers private mode and the ability to block cookies;
  • Duck Duck to win: very similar to Brave, this browser is really easy to use and above all full of options, which makes it fast and light;
  • Firefox focus: It is a special version of the Firefox browser, much lighter, essential and with quick options to delete the browsing history.

Use a VPN

If you want to be anonymous on your mobile internet in all the apps you use, you can install a VPN. The latter is very useful, especially when you browse with a public Wi-Fi connection like the one in bars. A VPN allows you to encrypt internet traffic, making it impossible to intercept and snoop on, it also allows you to open hidden and blocked sites in a country by spoofing the geolocation of the device.

Final words: How To Browse Anonymously on Android

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