How to Check if iPhone has Genuine OLED Panel

In this article we will try to teach you how to check if iPhone has a genuine OLED panel. When you buy a used device or do an unofficial repair, you run the risk of getting a fake display in your iPhone. While used iPhones can have some imperfections, it’s best to buy devices that still have their original screens. The original iPhone display is not only designed to work, but also to meet the necessary security requirements for everyday use.

If you’re thinking of buying someone’s used iPhone, you really want to make sure the display is original. In fact, some statistics suggest that about a third of iPhone owners damage their phone screens every year. That’s a massive number and only increases the chances of getting an iPhone with a non-genuine display if you decide to buy a used device. Below we have mention the steps know if iPhone is original.

How to Know If Your iPhone’s Screen Is Original

Turn your brightness all the way up

The latest iPhones to hit the market all have a maximum brightness of around 1200 units. This means iPhone screens get very bright and typically have top-notch color accuracy. You can use this to check if your iPhone’s screen is real. Just slide the brightness slider to maximum brightness and open a solid black image. You can go to this website to get a completely black screen.

If you are on this screen, zoom in and look at the display. If you have a true Retina OLED screen, it looks pitch black – like you didn’t turn on your iPhone. However, if the screen replacement was not genuine, you may have a non-Apple LCD screen. You can tell if you have a non-original screen if you notice color differences, spots or white or gray spots. Anything but solid, pitch-black full screen isn’t an original iPhone display.

The Warning

Checking an iPhone’s display is easier if it’s an iPhone 11 or 12. These models will automatically display a warning when they detect the screen is a non-genuine replacement that reads “Important display message: Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine screen”. The good thing about this warning is that it does not affect the functionality of the iPhone. What’s more, it doesn’t affect how you use your phone either, although it’s a bit intrusive.

However, you are still advised to check the phone’s display even if the alert appears on your device. This is because the warning may not always appear. This could be because you’ve changed notification settings or are using an Apple Watch that has a Do Not Disturb feature.

Verifying an iPhone Screen

When examining an iPhone’s screen, try checking the corners and edges of the display. Look for signs of cracking, brittleness, or even scratches. If you can examine the iPhone’s display closely enough, you can tell if it’s a genuine Apple part or a third-party part. However, don’t expect any visible signs of cracking or damage on the display. That’s because the iPhone’s display is covered with a layer of glass to protect it.

You should also check the edges of the iPhone screen. If you inspect a used iPhone SE, you will notice slight color differences between the display and the edges. Most third-party or refurbished iPhone screens are white or yellowish in color.

Final Words

We hope our article on methods to know if  Your iPhone’s Screen Is Original will help you and resolve all your problems. Nowadays it is hard to imagine our life without services that can replace your broken LCD, touch screen, batteries or display. Since phones have already become a very important part of our everyday life, we tend to take care of them. If you want to know how to check the quality of screen then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Check if iPhone has Genuine OLED Panel.

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