How to Choose the Best Niche for YouTube Channel

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Check How to Choose the Best Niche for YouTube Channel

Before establishing a YouTube channel, you need to select the niche you want to target. If you want your journey through YouTube to be a success, you must first define what the objective of your channel is.

How to choose the best niche for YouTube channel

Choose a niche within a niche

On YouTube, the more specific your content is, the better. Let’s say you plan to launch a comedy channel. Telling jokes or creating skits that appeal to a wide audience is not enough to build a following. Everybody loves to laugh, but people are amused by different things. To reach a specific audience, you can create funny videos about shopping at Walmart or the hassle of being at the airport. El Jefe Reviews has a niche within a niche within a niche. There are three levels to its content that get narrower the closer you look.

  • A technology channel.
  • A tech channel that reviews personal audio.
  • A tech channel that reviews personal audio, specifically wireless headphones, earphones, and speakers.

Before Jeff decided to make his channel more focused, his videos were about general technology. To find a focused niche, ask yourself two questions.

  • Does my potential niche have a subgenre?
  • Are the creators ignoring a subgenre that I could easily cover?

Choose a niche that will bring you the most YouTube views

Why does El Jefe Reviews focus on personal audio instead of general technology? It’s simple: one topic got more views than the other. More importantly, Jeff didn’t dismiss that phenomenon as a fluke. He investigated those flashes of success and realized that his audience was interested in personal audio, not general technology. “When I made my first video on headphones, it outperformed my other content,” says Jeff. “I was lucky enough to get 50 or 60 views on a video; this headphone video had 300, 400, 500 views. Maybe two videos later, I made a video with some headphones that had just been released. That video ended up pushing 1,000 in the first week… I noticed a pattern there.” Don’t be afraid to create lots of videos and experiment within your niche to see what works. In fact, it is advisable to make dozens of videos in the first few months on YouTube.

Take a look at the competition for your niche

Choosing a niche is more complex than just choosing a hobby to explore. What if millions of other creators have the same interest and already have millions of subscribers? That makes it more difficult to break through as a new creator. Now you have to make a difficult decision. Do you cut your way through the digital crowd or do you choose a niche with less competition? We are not saying that the first option is impossible. But it’s easier to grow on YouTube if you choose the road less traveled, that is, less competition. A small creator should never try to compete (at least not directly) with a mega-influencer pushing 1 million subscribers.

A better option is to limit your content to topics that your competitors haven’t explored. “At the time he was doing it, there weren’t that many [channels doing personal audio]Jeff says. “The stuff was covered by general tech channels that do a lot of mobile tech, but none of them focused on that. At that time, maybe there were three or four of us in 2017, 2018. Now we are 40 or 50.” The lesson? If you have a unique idea, take it seriously before another creator has the same reveal. The best YouTube channel niches aren’t topics with the most followers; are the ones that people have not yet discovered.

Choose a niche that provides endless video work

On this episode, our co-host Dan asked Jeff an interesting question. “Do you ever feel like there are so many headphones and have you checked all of them?” Dan asked. “No,” Jeff replied. “There has been a tidal wave, a tsunami, if you will, of wireless headphones and earphones since 2016-2017, and it hasn’t slowed down. Even the [computer] chip shortage [during the pandemic] It barely made a dent in what’s going on here…. In any case, I have too much work. There are so many products. Lots of new ones coming out.”

Pick a YouTube niche you’re passionate about

Does your niche motivate you to wake up, shoot videos, and really get excited about the process? It takes time to build a YouTube channel, so the passion has to come from you and you alone. Make sure you’re on YouTube for the right reasons, which should be a combination of passion, community building, and yes, even financial freedom.

Final words: How to Choose the Best Niche for YouTube Channel

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