How to choose the best video conferencing software

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As companies continue to transition to remote work, video conferencing technologies are becoming increasingly popular. They offer ample opportunities for businesses and allow them to continue despite the coronavirus lockdown. Video conferencing tools allow businesses to stay connected with their customers regardless of their location. Video conferencing software can significantly reduce or completely eliminate the need for physical meetings, providing greater convenience for both experts and clients, ensuring regular communication and fostering client relationships.

Given these undeniable advantages of web conferencing tools, the question is not whether you should adopt video conferencing technologies, but how. With major changes happening around the world, organizations are looking for convenient ways to connect with their teams and keep operations running.

55 percent of companies regularly allow their employees to work from home. Today, more than ever, the demand for connections is greater than ever. However, it is important to know what to look for when searching for video software. Otherwise, you may be using an app that is inappropriate for your business and employees.

How to choose the best video conferencing software

As with any other purchase, it’s important to know what you want from your video conferencing system before committing to one. For example, a large company may need to onboard dozens of users at once, while a smaller company may only need one-on-one conferencing.

Number of participants

Consider the number of attendees likely to attend your conferences on a regular basis. Some services allow you to connect to a handful of subscribers for free. So if you don’t need to connect with a lot of people, you may not pay much (or anything). Other services specialize in connecting large numbers of users. There’s a lot to choose from, so knowing what you need before you start looking can save you a lot of time.

video sources

While many video conferencing services boast that their meetings can accommodate hundreds, if not thousands, of participants at once, they generally limit the number of video streams; but not others. It’s helpful to find out how or if the service restricts feeds before you buy. You also want to make sure the video quality is top notch.

Easy to use

Don’t let a confusing user interface stop you from doing business. Otherwise, you’ll start presentations without key participants seeing them, or your meetings will be marked by long delays and interruptions as people scramble to turn their video streams and microphones on or off, or share their screen.

Types of meetings

Some high-end services allow you to open different rooms based on the type of meeting you’re hosting. Do you organize question and answer sessions in open forums where anyone can give their opinion? Giving a presentation or conference and want to mute attendees? Learn what types of meetings you typically host and if you host a variety of meetings, you’re looking for a service that can meet all of your needs.


Sometimes it’s useful to save the highlights of a meeting for later. The video recording feature is essential when you need to go back and review conferences. Also, an online archive of past meetings can be helpful. For example, you can save meeting snippets for onboarding or training materials for new hires. Pay attention to the amount of storage space you have available. Many services store recordings in the cloud and limit each user’s storage space.

Share screen

Screen sharing keeps participants engaged and makes the meeting more interactive. When you need to explain the intricacies of a presentation or show a remote collaborator how to access certain documents, screen sharing can help you do so more effectively.

Application Integration

Many video conferencing solutions allow you to integrate third-party applications like Microsoft PowerPoint. Pairing software you already own with a video conferencing system can help you import presentations and documents. In addition, many services have note-taking features, and some allow participants to add their own notes. Think about what applications you use with your conferencing system and how much influence you want participants to have in a meeting. Another integration to consider is your calendar or email client. Some video conferencing services offer plugins for programs like Google Calendar and Outlook. This is a quick and easy way to schedule meetings.

Smart meetings

Some video conferencing platforms have artificial intelligence (AI) built in to increase meeting productivity. For example, some meetings automatically take notes for everyone and send a summary after the conference ends. Smart technology can also automatically assign action tasks to participants. All of these additional features are designed to make participants more involved in what is happening instead of taking notes.

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