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The generation of caller ID was a new era. Although the system was developed in the 1960s, it wasn’t until the late 1980s that Caller ID began to make its way into American homes. What a time to be alive! The phone rings, you see the caller’s number and you can decide whether to answer the phone or not. Back then, caller ID was a big deal. But today, we may not think twice. We grew up in the internet generation! We ran home after school to watch TRL, chatted with our friends on AOL IM, and begged our parents to give us the new Motorola Razr cell phone so we could play Snake and learn how to text.

With the rise of cell phones came unwanted calls, like telemarketers asking you to buy their new products or an automated robocall promising to pay off your student loan debt. We all know that spam calls are annoying. No one wants to receive multiple calls a day offering “too good to be true” deals. But they are not only irritating.

How to deal with unwanted calls

Block individual number one by one

  • This is probably a futile effort if your goal is to completely eradicate robocalls, but if there’s a particular number that keeps calling, it’s pretty easy to block it forever from your iPhone or Android phone. On iOS, simply go to the Phone app, then Recents, tap the blue info icon to the right of the number you want to block, and select “Block this caller.”
  • For Android, the process is not much different: go to the Recants section of the Phone app, long press the annoying number and choose “Block”. Again, this will require a lot of persistent work on your part to keep spammers out, and it doesn’t do any good against private or blocked calls.

Do not include your phone number online for information

  • If you’ve ever looked for new insurance or help with your student loans, you know they ask for a lot of detailed information. If you enter your phone number, you’ll likely get a call in less than five minutes from someone trying to give you more information.
  • If you can avoid putting your phone number on these types of websites, that will reduce your chances of receiving unwanted calls. But if you have to leave something, we recommend that you create a free Google Voice phone number. Use this phone number to find the best car insurance, then turn it off! That way, spam callers won’t have access to your real phone number.
  • We also recommend creating an email address to use for specific reasons. Are you planning a wedding and attending a bunch of wedding shows? Use a separate email address when you enter to win that honeymoon contest! Looking for the best way to consolidate your student loans? Make another! Email addresses are free and this ensures that your personal inbox doesn’t get cluttered with spam emails.

Use the Silence Unknown Callers feature

  • This iPhone feature allows you to silence all calls from numbers that you have never contacted or that are not in your contact list. Calls received from Strangers are added to your Recents list and sent to voicemail, where you can see if the call is legitimate.
  • To enable the feature, go to Settings, then choose Phone. Toggle the “Mute Unknown Callers” button so that it is on.

Don’t answer unknown numbers, let them go to voicemail!

  • If you don’t know the number and aren’t expecting a phone call from a new phone number, let your voicemail take care of that! If you answer the phone, a robocaller will know that your phone number is active and could add it to a call log. You will be bombarded by more spam calls after that.
  • Although this is the easiest way to filter your calls and make sure they are not spam or robocalls, it is not the most convenient. If you’re applying for new jobs, looking for a new apartment downtown, or doing something similar where you may get a lot of calls from new numbers, we don’t recommend ignoring all unknown numbers. We don’t want you to miss an urgent call just to avoid a spam call.

Protect yourself with third-party apps

  • Several third-party apps can help block annoying calls and texts if you’re not satisfied with your cell phone provider’s spam-blocking service. Only use trusted apps downloaded from the official Google Play Store or iOS App Store, as you are granting access to your contact list and potentially other sensitive information.

Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry

  • Adding your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry is another great way to prevent unwanted calls. Real telemarketers are required by law to verify registration before contacting you. If your phone number is on the list and you are still receiving telemarketing or spam calls, you can file a complaint 31 days after your number was added.
  • The National Do Not Call registry does not include local charities, political calls, or surveys, so you may still get some unwanted calls. If you don’t want to hear from them, or any telemarketers you can call, ask them to add your number to their do-not-call list or remove your number from their system.

Final words: How to Deal With Spam Calls

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