How to Declutter Facebook News Feed

In this article, we will show you How to Declutter Facebook News Feed. Facebook feed is where most of the action happens. That’s where we receive updates from friends, groups, and pages. It also displays content that Facebook thinks users may like based on the data they have collected on us over our social media sites usage. Slowly but surely, the Facebook feed does get cluttered with updates and content that we don’t want to view or even find remotely interesting. So, how do we declutter Facebook feed?

Facebook’s algorithm tries hard to please us, and does a lot of things right. There’s a reason people end up mindlessly scrolling through their feeds more than they should, but many users are unhappy. There are many Facebook tricks you may not know about. You want to see fewer updates from certain people/groups/sources and more from others. We have a few suggestions that will help eliminate the Facebook feed chaos you are experiencing. Additionally You can also check our article on Archive Facebook Posts

How to Declutter Facebook News Feed

Hide the types of posts you don’t want to see anymore

Whether it’s partisan rants or silly cat videos, there’s probably a certain type of post you’d rather not see in your Facebook feed anymore. While there’s no way to filter out certain topics directly from your Facebook News Feed, you can steer it in the right direction by hiding posts that bother you.

Simply click or tap on the button with the three dots in the upper right corner of a Facebook post that bothers you, and then tap Hide Post. You should then hide more and more posts, such as those about kitty memes, as you see them. As a result, you will see less and less of them in your Facebook feed.

Hide posts from specific people or pages

Maybe you have a particular Facebook friend whose posts are particularly annoying, or the Facebook page of a particular TV show you like posts too many updates. In either case, you can quickly hide posts from specific Facebook friends or pages, temporarily or permanently.

Again, click or tap the menu button with the three dots next to a post from an annoying Facebook friend or page, and then tap “Snooze [friend or page name] for 30 days” or “Hide all from [friend or page name].

Filter your news feed with Friend Lists

Want to see only the Facebook updates of your work colleagues or your closest friends and family? That’s no problem. You just need to set up a few Facebook friends lists, which are lists of friends grouped by their relationship to you. Creating one or more friend lists is an incredibly effective way to declutter your Facebook newsfeed.

If you haven’t already, you can set up some Facebook friends lists by clicking Friends Lists in the left column of your News Feed and then clicking the Create List button. Give your new friends list a name and then start adding some friends to the members area. Don’t worry – your friends won’t be notified that you just added them to a list. Are your friends lists ready now? Go back to your news feed, click on a list in the left column, and voila! Your feed will now only show posts from the friends who are in the list you clicked on.

Final Words

We hope you like this article on How to Declutter Facebook News Feed. Besides cleaning up your Facebook news feed, you may also want to clean up your personal timeline, that is, you may want to remove posts you shared in the early days. If you this article do share with other.

I hope you understand this article, How to Declutter Facebook News Feed.

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