How to Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16

This article is about how to Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16. With iOS 16 currently in beta, Apple has revamped the design of the customize lock screen font in iOS 16, allowing you to personalize everything from the color and style of the clock font to the look of the images used as wallpaper. The install public beta of iOS 16 is now available, and anyone with a compatible iPhone can download it now and try it out on their iPhone. iOS 16 also introduces lock screen widgets that let you see app information at a glance without having to go to the home screen.

To consolidate all these changes, iOS 16 also brings a lock screen wallpaper gallery that allows you to create a gallery of different lock screen wallpapers and switch between them with a swipe gesture. iOS 16 has a lot of great features. But what is constantly stealing the spotlight is lock screen customization. With the new operating system, you can finally customize your lock screens however you like. Not only that, you can now create multiple lock screens that you can switch between in an instant.

However, you may not need a particular lock screen forever. Especially if you like to play around with the personalization options, you will most likely have a handful of lock screens that you don’t even need. To reduce the clutter and make room for new lock screens, you need to get rid of the old ones. Below, we have mention the steps to Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone running iOS 16.

Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone running iOS 16

The best part about screen lock customization is that it is available right on the lock screen. So you don’t even have to go through the menus to clear a lock screen. You just need to unlock your iPhone to access the feature.

Step 1: To delete a lock screen, first, unlock your set up touch ID on iPhone, but do not go to the home screen. If you’re on the home screen already, there’s no need to lock your phone and begin again. Instead, swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Notification Center.

Step 2 : Then, tap and hold anywhere on the lock screen (or, the wallpaper in the Notification Center) to bring up the lock screen selector.

Step 3: From the selector screen, swipe left or right and navigate to the sc/reen you wish to delete. Once you find the lock screen, tap and hold on to the lock screen thumbnail until you receive haptic feedback from the device.

Step 4: The ‘Delete Wallpaper’ option will appear underneath the lock screen thumbnail; tap on it.

Final Words

We hope you understand this article how to Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone running iOS 16. We’ve put together a huge collection of custom lock screen wallpapers. With a variety of styles, widgets, and fonts, customizing your lock screen is really fun. Plus, it’s a great way to make sure my lock screen stands out from the rest. then you have successfully removed the selected wallpaper from the lock screen of your Apple iPhone with the latest iOS 16 operating system.

I hope you understand this article, How to Delete Lock Screen Wallpaper on iOS 16.

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