How to Determine the Type and Speed of Android Phones CPU

There is a wide selection of different models of smartphones on the market at the moment. At this point in time, virtually everyone carries around an Android Phones. Android devices are more reasonably priced and come with a more robust set of features when compared to iPhones. Some consumers pay attention to the features and specifications of a new item before making a purchase, while others are more concerned with the name of the manufacturer. You could feel the need to learn about the processor and speed of your mobile device at some point in the future.

You will not be able to find the type of CPU or its speed in the built-in Settings app on your Android device. This is in contrast to the ability to view the amount of RAM in your device. Others simply failed to remember the requirements. Unfortunately, unlike viewing how much RAM is in your Android device, we are unable to access this information in the Settings app that comes pre-installed on all Android devices. Instead, we will be utilising a helpful application that goes by the name “DevCheck.”

Understanding CPU Specifications on Android Devices

With a myriad of smartphones options available today, Android devices are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and diverse features. While some users prioritize brand names, many consider the detailed specifications before making a purchase.

However, unlike the visible RAM information, determining the CPU type and speed requires third-party tools. Let’s explore how you can retrieve this essential information.

How to Check Your Android Phone’s CPU Type and Speed

When it comes to figuring out the processor and speed of your Android phone, reliable third-party applications can provide accurate insights. Below are the steps to effectively determine the CPU specifications of your Android device.

Using DevCheck

If you’re keen on monitoring your phone’s hardware in real time, DevCheck is an exceptional Android application. It comprehensively displays crucial details about your device’s CPU, GPU, and RAM, making it an ideal tool for checking the processor and speed of your Android phone.

How to Check Android Phone CPU Type and Speed Easily with DevCheck App

Are you curious about the inner workings of your Android phone? Wondering about its processor type and speed? Look no further. We’ll show you an easy way to get all the details using the powerful DevCheck app.

Why CPU Information Matters

Understanding your Android phone’s CPU is crucial for optimizing performance and troubleshooting issues. It helps you gauge processing power, battery efficiency, deep sleep behavior, and overall device uptime.

Using DevCheck to Uncover Processor Secrets

DevCheck is a versatile Android app that goes beyond just the processor details. It unravels a treasure trove of information about your device. Follow these simple steps to extract the CPU specifics:

  • Install DevCheck: Head to the Google Play Store and download the DevCheck app to your Android device.
  • Access Hardware Tab: After installation, open the app and navigate to the “Hardware” tab. The name of your processor will be prominently displayed at the top.
  • Check CPU Speed: To delve into the processor speed, return to the main screen and inspect the ‘CPU status’ section. Here, you’ll find the real-time processor speed at your fingertips.


What is my Android CPU type?

Installing an app that provides a readout about your smartphone’s hardware is the quickest and easiest approach to determine the type of processor that your device uses. The name of the app that we like the most in this category is Droid Hardware Info, and it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

What determines the speed of an Android phone?

The amount of random access memory (RAM) in your phone, in conjunction with the CPU, is what affects the speed of the phone as well as its ease of use. ROM is what the majority of people mean when they talk about storage. This is the memory that is used to store the OS, apps and all the videos, photos and songs that you want to store on the phone.

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