Managing Autoplay Settings in Apple Apps on Your iPhone

Autoplay videos can often be a double-edged sword. While they offer convenience by playing content automatically, they can also be annoying and consume significant data. This guide expounds on how to gain better control over video previews autoplaying in Apple’s native apps.

Guide to Turning Off Autoplay for Video Previews on iOS

With the ever-innovative iOS updates, Apple has catered to user preferences concerning autoplay video previews. Whether you’re a user who enjoys seamless binge-watching on Netflix or someone mindful of their data usage on the go, managing these settings can enhance your user experience significantly.

Especially after upgrading your iPhone’s operating system, managing autoplay settings can help preserve your mobile data and prevent unexpected disturbances. Let’s dive into the steps to disable this feature across various Apple applications.

How to Disable Video Autoplay in iOS

  • Previously, from iOS 11 to iOS 12, users could limit autoplay previews exclusively within Apple’s own digital storefronts. This was done through “Settings” > “iTunes & App Store” > “Video Autoplay.” However, this restriction was only applicable to the App Store and iTunes.
  • With the advent of iOS 13, Apple has included a more comprehensive toggle known as “Autoplay Video Preview” within the “Motion” section of the “Accessibility” settings. Disabling this will prevent video previews from autoloading in most native apps, providing broader control over the autoplay functionality.
  • The option for “Video Autoplay” still exists within the “iTunes & App Stores” settings, allowing for targeted management of video previews concerning store applications.
  • When “Autoplay Video Preview” in the Accessibility settings is off, it’s also possible to individually toggle the autoplay options in settings for “iTunes & App Store” and “Photos.” You might notice that despite the main system toggle being off, these individual switches can be turned on or off, creating a layer of customization.
  • Interestingly, some apps like the Apple Store and Apple Support ignore the system-wide settings and autoplay videos regardless. This is an indication that there might still be inconsistencies within Apple’s execution of autoplay settings.
  • It’s important to note that not all third-party developers utilize Apple’s API for managing autoplay, which means some apps might still autoplay content without adhering to your preferences. It’s worth checking individual app settings, such as on Facebook or Twitter, which frequently contain their own autoplay control mechanisms.
  • Lastly, Safari autoplay behavior seems to be less influenced by the “Autoplay Video Preview” master switch. This could be more dependent on website developers’ own implementations than on Apple’s settings.


This guide on disabling video previews autoplay in Apple’s native apps aims to provide a balance between convenience and control in your multimedia experience. By customizing your settings, you can navigate your device with more confidence and less unwanted interruptions.


Q: How can I stop videos from automatically playing in my social media apps?

A: Look for autoplay settings within each app’s individual settings. Many social apps like Instagram and Twitter offer the option to disable autoplay.

Q: Will disabling autoplay affect my video streaming experience?

A: It may change how you interact with streaming apps, but it shouldn’t negatively impact your ability to stream content as per your preferences.

Remember, managing your autoplay settings is an excellent way to personalize your device experience and conserve mobile data usage.

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Editorial Staff
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