Streamline Your Google Drive Experience: Download Multiple Files Seamlessly

In this modern digital workplace, Google Drive stands out as a cornerstone for file storage and collaboration. Its user-friendly design and suite of features have become indispensable. Yet, there are hiccups—in particular, the cumbersome process associated with downloading multiple files. This guide walks you through the more efficient techniques of downloading multiple files on a PC from Google Drive, bypassing the default zipping process. Let’s upgrade your Google Drive skills and save you precious time.

Efficient Ways to Download Multiple Files on PC from Google Drive

Google Drive’s widespread adoption isn’t without its quirks, notably the default setting of zipping files when downloading in bulk. This can slow down the process significantly. If you’re looking to avoid this bottleneck and streamline downloading folders or multiple files, stride through the steps below for a more productive Google Drive experience.

Effortless Download of Large Files Directly from Google Drive

Typically, when multiple files are selected for download, Google Drive compresses them, often leading to delayed downloads. The desire for a zip-free download is shared by many. Below, discover how you can evade this process and download files individually or en masse without the additional step of unzipping.

  • Install Google Drive for Desktop: Navigate to the Google Drive download page, look for “For Individuals,” and click on ‘Download’ to obtain the desktop application.
  • Setting Up the Application: Run the installer and follow the prompts. It’s imperative to stay connected to the internet throughout this process.
  • Log Into Your Google Account: After the setup is complete, log in to the account that houses the desired files.
  • Opt-out of Syncing: If you’d rather not sync all your Google Drive files to your desktop, deselect the default syncing options that appear next.
  • Select Specific Files for Sync: Choose to sync only the folders or files needed by selecting ‘Sync specific folders from My Drive.’ This action initiates the download of these files to a dedicated folder on your PC.

Is It Possible to Download a Whole Google Drive Folder Uncompressed?

While a direct browser download from Google Drive creates a compressed archive, third-party applications or the Google Drive desktop version offer an alternative that does not condense files into a single zip.

Unzipped Download Methods for Android and iPhone

Mobile users are not left out of the mix. If you’re on an Android or iOS device and keen to download large files from Google Drive, adopt similar strategies for a compression-free experience.

  • Advanced Download Manager for Android: Acquire the app, use its built-in browser, paste the file link, and adjust the ‘Threads per download’ setting for optimal download performance.
  • Total Files App for iOS: Download this app from the AppStore, utilize its browser, and follow the intuitive menu options to download the desired files onto your device.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Google Drive Download Process

The intent of this guide is to furnish you with the knowledge to adeptly manage multiple file downloads from Google Drive without leaning on the default zipping function. Hopefully, these tips will refine your Google Drive experience and reduce wait times, allowing more immediate access to your important files.


Q: How can I avoid Google Drive’s automatic zipping when downloading multiple files?

A: By using Google Drive for Desktop or third-party download management apps, you can bypass the default zipping process and download files directly to your device.

Q: What are the steps to download files from Google Drive on a mobile device without zipping?

A: For Android, use Advanced Download Manager, and for iOS, try the Total Files app, both of which allow you to download files directly without compression.

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