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Hobbyist photographers around the world love iPhone’s Live Photos feature. It gives your photos a distinct look as each live photo moves slightly when you tap on one in the photo library. Live Photos has come a long way since its debut in 2015. When it comes to editing Live Photos, Apple made some tweaks in iOS 14. In truth, the procedure has become less complex.

How to edit photos on iPhone

How to Capture a Live Photo on iPhone

It’s easy to take a live photo with your iPhone! Simply open the iPhone’s built-in camera app and select Photo mode at the bottom of the screen. The Live Photos icon (three circles) is at the top right of the screen. If you don’t have a line through it, Live Photos is on. If the icon has a line through it, tap it to activate Live Photos. A Live Photo captures 3 seconds of movement and sound. 1.5 seconds of Live Photo is captured before the shutter button is pressed and 1.5 seconds after. So make sure you compose your shot and hold it there for a couple of seconds before pressing the shutter. If you don’t do this, the first part of your Live Photo will be moving the camera to frame the shot. Similarly, your iPhone will record for 1.5 seconds after you’ve pressed the shutter.

So make sure to keep your phone still for a couple of seconds after taking the photo. Also, note that Live Photos captures both audio and video. You will then hear any sound in your Live Photo when you play it back. Below is a 3-second live photo of people on the beach. Hit the play button to watch it. If you’re taking an action photo of a person, you may need to tell your subject to move when you take the photo. Do this at least a couple of seconds before you press the shutter so you don’t capture your voice in Live Photo. When you no longer want to take Live Photos, tap the Live Photos icon at the top of the Camera app to turn it off. Live Photos take up a lot of storage space on your iPhone. So if you leave it on for every shot, your phone might fill up fast.

How to play a live photo

After you take a Live Photo, it appears in the Photos app along with your regular still images. You’ll also find it in a separate album titled Live Photos. Unfortunately, in thumbnail view, there is no way to tell if an image is a Live Photo. In the screenshot below, there are several Live Photos in between these images. But it’s impossible to know what they are when you see them like this. So how do you know which of your images are Live Photos? Tap the image thumbnail to open it full screen. If it’s a live photo, you’ll see the word LIVE at the top of the photo. To see the Live Photo animation, press and hold your finger on the photo. As soon as you delete it, the video will stop playing.

How to edit a live photo

Editing Live Photos in the Photos app is similar to editing still images. But for Live Photos, there are some additional editing tools. When you open a Live Photo, tap Edit at the top right of the screen. The editing tools appear at the bottom of the screen. The Adjust icon allows you to adjust color, exposure, and sharpness using a variety of tools. Slide your finger across the adjustment tools below the photo and select the one you want to use. Then drag the slider to adjust. To apply a color or black and white filter, tap the Filters icon.

Swipe through the filter list, then tap a filter to apply it to your image. Use the slider to adjust the intensity of the filter. To crop or rotate your Live Photo, tap the Crop icon. To straighten your image, tap the Straighten icon, then drag the slider left or right. To crop your photo, drag the crop handles on the corners. You can also rotate or flip the photo using the icons at the top left. You can adjust the vertical or horizontal perspective using the icons near the bottom right.

You can make further edits on Live Photo by touching the Live icon. If the sound you recorded with Live Photo distracts you, tap the Sound (speaker) icon to mute the audio. The Sound icon will turn gray to indicate that the sound is off. You can change the key photo (the one you see in your photo library) using the slider at the bottom of the screen. Move the slider until you find the image you want.

Tap Create Key Photo to confirm your choice. A white dot will appear on the chosen photo. A gray dot appears over the original key photo in case you ever want to go back to it. If you want to turn your Live Photo into a still image, tap the yellow Live icon at the top of the screen. The icon will turn white to show that it is no longer a Live Photo. You can change it back to a live photo at any time by tapping the live icon again. When you’re done editing your Live Photo, tap Done to save your changes. If you want to remove the edit you applied, you can go back to the original Live Photo at any time. In the Photos app, find the Live Photo you want to reverse and tap Edit. Then tap Revert > Revert to Original.

How to Add Live Photo Effects

There are three special effects that you can apply to your Live Photos: Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. To apply a Live Photo effect, go to the Photos app and open a Live Photo. Next, swipe up to reveal the Effects section – tap on the effect you want to use (Loop, Bounce, or Long Exposure). The effect will be applied to your Live Photo immediately. You can change your mind at any time by tapping on a different effect. Or select Live to return to the original Live version without applying any effects. Below you will find out what the three effects look like. But first, here’s our starting point: a basic Live Photo video with no effects applied:


The Loop effect turns your Live Photo into a continuous video loop. Once the video ends, it starts playing from the beginning again, until you stop it. This works best when the subject is doing something in roughly the same area of ​​the scene. For example, someone jumping, juggling, or dancing. It can also work well if the subject moves in and out of the scene during the original 3-second Live Photo. For example, someone getting out of a vehicle and leaving the scene. The end result could look like hundreds of people abandoning the vehicle! Next, we turn the Live Photo waterfall into a loop. Bounce is a fun effect that makes the Live Photo play normally and then the other way around. Repeat this until you stop the video. The Bounce effect makes the waterfall below look unnatural. But it’s definitely interesting!

Long exposition

The Long Exposure option creates a photo with a long exposure (slow shutter) effect. Long exposure is more suitable for scenes that include movement, as it blurs motion. Flowing water, fireworks or moving car lights look great with a long exposure effect. If you think you’ll want to create a long exposure from your Live Photo, it’s best to use an iPhone tripod. This ensures that stationary parts of the scene remain sharp in the final image. The Live Photo waterfall below has had the long exposure effect applied. See the soft blur of moving water, while stationary objects like rocks appear sharp.

How to share live photos

Once you’ve taken great Live Photos on iPhone, you may want to share these moments with family and friends. You can share Live Photos with another iPhone or iPad as long as they have iOS 9 or later. You can use iMessage, AirDrop, or iCloud Photo Sharing. To share a live photo, open it in the Photos app, then tap the Share icon. Next, select the sharing option you want to use, for example Messages, Airdrop, etc.

How to upload live photos to Facebook and Instagram

In addition to sharing your Live Photos with other iPhones and iPads, you may want to share them on social media. Facebook and Tumblr already allow you to share live images. It is likely that more social media platforms will also support Live Photos at some point. If you want to share a live photo on Facebook, you can’t use the Facebook share option in the Photos app. Instead, you need to upload the photo from your Facebook app. From there, you can choose whether you want to share it as a live photo or a still image. Use the Live icon at the top of the photo to turn it on or off:

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