How to Edit and Record Zoom Videos on Mac and Windows

Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing platforms worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the standard video recordings received from Zoom are usually in widescreen or picture-in-picture format, which may not look good enough to share on social media without editing. But don’t worry! Even if you are not an experienced video editor, you can optimize your Zoom video footage for social media by following these simple steps.

Tools You Need

You can use MPEG Stream Clip, a free video converter, to format your Zoom video recordings on Windows or Mac. Additionally, you will need a free Canva account and a Quicc video subtitle and automatic transcription account. With these tools, editing your Zoom videos will be a breeze!

How to Record a Meeting in Zoom on Windows and Mac

If you want to record the video of your Zoom meeting, you need to click the “Record” option in the Zoom interface after the meeting has started. After the call is complete, the recording will be converted to an mp4 format. You can get the recorded conversation from Zoom Meeting in Meetings > Recorded. However, it is essential to request permission from the host to record the video. After the host allows you to record, you can use Zoom’s built-in recording option to record the meeting.

How to Edit a Zoom Recording in Windows

If you are using Windows, you can right-click the video recording, select “Open With,” and choose “Photos.” In the application, select “Edit and Create” and then choose “Crop.” Mark the beginning and end of your desired clip using the blue and white markers. After finished, save the modified video by selecting the “Save As” option and choose a location for your recording. Wait for the program to save and then check your recording in the specified location.

How to Edit a Zoom Recording on Mac

To edit a Zoom recording on Mac, open iMovie and click the button with the “+” sign. Choose “Movie” and press “Import” at the top of your screen to choose the recording you want to edit. Drag the recording into the project timeline and use iMovie’s editing features to trim your recording, add themes, and apply filters. After editing is complete, save your recording by hitting the “Share” option and selecting “File.” Choose the properties you want and save the modified video in your preferred location.


1. How can I record a Zoom meeting automatically?

You can click the “Record” button in the Zoom interface and choose “Local” or “Cloud” recording. The meeting will start recording automatically once you start it.

2. Can I record a Zoom meeting without permission?

You must request permission from the host to record a Zoom meeting. The hosting platform does not allow recording without permission due to privacy concerns.

3. How do I get the best recording quality in Zoom?

To obtain high-quality Zoom recordings, ensure that you have a stable internet connection, a properly configured microphone, and proper lighting.

4. Can I edit Zoom recordings on mobile devices?

Yes, you can edit Zoom video recordings on mobile devices using mobile video editors such as Adobe Premiere Rush or VivaVideo.


Using the free video converter, MPEG Stream Clip, along with a free Canva account and the Quicc video subtitle and automatic transcription platform, anyone can easily edit and repurpose Zoom videos for social media. Learning how to record and edit Zoom videos will give you the opportunity to create engaging content and reach more people with your message.

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