How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel

This tutorial is about How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel. Using Multiply in Microsoft Excel, you can perform a series of pre-recorded steps to automate many of your repetitive tasks. You must enable the feature before you can use it. Enabling macros is not always safe, and you should only use them if you are sure of the source of your spreadsheet. Good macros save you time by automating your tasks, but there are also bad macros that can harm your computer.

A macro is a set of commands that allows you to automate a repetitive task and run it on demand. This article discusses the risks associated with working with macros and how you can enable or disable macros in the Trust Center. Using macros in Excel reduces human error and saves time by automating repetitive tasks. It is risky to enable macros because of the possibility of encountering errors when opening a macro-enabled worksheet. Therefore, Excel disables macros from external sources for security reasons.

Although VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) codes are extremely effective in automating complex and repetitive tasks, they pose a significant security risk. The accidental execution of a malicious macro can corrupt or completely delete files on your hard drive, corrupt your data, and even damage your Microsoft Office. The default setting in Excel is to disable all macros with notification. First and foremost, the user should decide to what extent he wants to give his consent when macros are activated.

How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel

Enable macros directly via security notice

Step 1: When you first open a workbook containing macros with the default macro settings, the yellow security warning bar appears at the top of the sheet.

Step 2: The Microsoft Excel Security Notice will be displayed if the Visual Basic Editor is open at the time you open the file.

Step 3: If you are confident in the file’s origin and that all macros are safe, click the Enable Content or Enable Macros button. This activates the macros and marks the file as a trusted document.

Turn on macros in Backstage view

The Office Backstage view is another way to enable macros for a specific workbook. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Click the File tab, then Info from the left menu.

Step 2: Click Enable Content > Enable All Content, in the Security Warning area.

How to Enable macros for one session?

In some cases, enabling macros for a single instance makes sense. For example, suppose you received an Excel file containing VBA code that you want to investigate but do not want to make it a trusted document.

The steps below will walk you through the process of enabling macros for the duration of the file’s open state:

Step 1: Navigate to the File tab > Info.

Step 2:  Click Enable Content > Advanced Options in the Security Warning area.

Step 3: Select Enable content for this session in the Microsoft Office Security Options dialogue box, then click OK.

How to Disable macros in Excel?

As previously stated, Excel’s default setting disables macros with a notification and allows users to enable them manually if desired. If you want to disable all macros silently, without receiving any notifications, go to the Trust Center and select the corresponding option (the first one).

Step 1: Click the File tab > Options in Microsoft Excel.

Step 2: Select Trust Center from the left-hand pane, and then click Trust Center Settings.

Step 3: Select Macro Settings from the left menu, then Disable all macros without notification and click OK.

Final Words

We hope you understand this article, How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel. It is safe to enable only those macros that come from trusted sources or have been recorded by the user. All other macros that come from unknown and untrusted sources pose an inherent security risk. Running a malicious macro can corrupt the hard drive, damage the installation of MS Office, or delete important data files. For this reason, the default setting in Excel is “Disable all macros with notification”. Although enabling macros can be beneficial for the user, running unknown macros can be equally harmful.

I hope you understand this article, How to Enable Macros in Microsoft Excel.

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