How to Fix ‘Android Auto not working’ Issue on Samsung Galaxy S22

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Check How to Fix ‘Android Auto not working’ Issue on Samsung Galaxy S22

Android Auto is a great way to use your Android device in the car, but it’s of little use if it stops working properly. Whether you can’t get Android Auto to connect at all, or it suddenly stops working reliably, we’re here to help. These Android Auto troubleshooting tips will help you fix the feature when it’s not working properly. We’ll focus on using Android Auto with your car’s display, as Google Assistant’s driving mode is less prone to these issues.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series includes some of the best Android phones you can get right now. But as with any new release, users have to deal with some Galaxy S22 bugs and glitches that will hopefully be fixed with future software updates or have workarounds for now.

You can count this author among them as he was forced to go back to an older phone as the S22 Ultra routinely froze, stuttered or lagged while in use (if at all) due to presentation-like performance Android Auto slideshow on the S22 Ultra. connect at all). first place). This was particularly frustrating during Google Maps navigation, resulting in the occasional missed turn.

Fix ‘Android Auto Not Working’ Issue on Samsung Galaxy S22

Install an APK on your Android phone

Assuming you’re the very squeamish type, you should back up your Samsung Galaxy S22 before installing an APK from an external source. In any case, the APK that we decided to present is a genuine beta version made by Google LLC and verified as protected by its trusted hosting site APKMirror (opens in a new tab), so we are totally sure that it will not really harm any user. none of our gadgets.

To install Android Auto 7.8.1222 beta, open this link (opens in a new tab) in your mobile phone’s web browser, then tap the huge “Download APK” button. You may get a message below the button that says “A newer transfer may be accessible”, but kindly stick with Android Auto 7.8.1222 for now as we can confirm its viability.

A popup will appear warning you that “this type of file could harm your phone” and that you should “possibly download this file assuming you trust its source”. Since we have already introduced this APK and we can state that you are safe, tap Download to start installing the 35.58 MB log.

If this is the main APK that you are trying to install on your S22, you will see a popup asking you to allow your app to continue with the installation. When you give him the authorization, the establishment will be finished in a short time.

Android Auto 7.8 (beta version)

This loop should now have the 7.8 beta version of Android Auto installed, overwriting any previous versions of the app you may have installed. To ensure it was installed successfully, please restart your device.

After the hard reset, open the Settings app on your phone and look for Advanced Features. Then tap “Android Auto” to open the app settings, then at that point look to the bottom of the page to see the app form number. If the installation is successful, the form 7.8.122233-release.daily should show up as the current version of Android Auto on your phone.

Plus, that’s all you need to do! As far as we’re concerned, the introduction of this adaptation completely fixed our S22 Ultra’s unfortunate Android Auto launch and restored the app to its former brilliance. To see if it worked for you, go to your vehicle and try it yourself.

Since this is a beta version of Android Auto, your phone will naturally upgrade to a newer variant once it becomes available to the general public. You can obviously get around this by opening the Android Auto post on the Google Play Store, then at that point tapping on the three-speck symbol in the top right corner and unchecking the “Turn on auto-update” option.

Final words: How to Fix ‘Android Auto not working’ Issue on Samsung Galaxy S22

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