Solving the ‘Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’ Issue on Android

If you’re an Android device user and have stumbled upon the error ‘Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’, then you know how frustrating it can be. MMI codes, short for Man-Machine Interface codes, are special codes that you input into your phone dialer for certain functions, like checking your balance with #BAL. Occasionally, inputting these codes can result in an error. This tutorial will take you through updated methods to resolve this issue effectively.

Comprehensive Guide to Resolving the ‘Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’ Error

If you’ve faced the pesky ‘Connection problem’ or ‘Invalid MMI code’ error on your Android device, it’s time to say goodbye to frustration. MMI codes, which often start with an asterisk or hash and might resemble #BAL for a balance check, can sometimes cause these errors. But rest assured, there are several solutions that should help clear up this issue for you.

Troubleshooting ‘Invalid MMI Code’ Errors

  • Reboot Your Android Device: A classic fix that tends to solve an array of issues. To do this, press and hold the Power button (and Volume button on some devices) until the options menu appears, then select ‘Reboot’. If you’re lucky, this simple action can clear the error.
  • Modify the Prefix Code: Altering the prefix code can be another quick fix. For example, if the MMI code is (*#06#), adding a comma (*#06#,) or plus symbol (*#+06#) at the end can sometimes bypass the issue.
  • Check Radio and IMS Service: Access hidden menus to verify underlying issues with these services:
    • Open your dial pad.
    • Type in (*#*#4636#*#*).
    • In the revealed menu, choose ‘Phone Information’ or ‘Device Information’.
    • Run a ‘Ping test’.
    • If prompted, turn off the radio and allow the device to restart.
  • Inspect Network Settings: Sometimes the error could be due to your network settings being amiss. Navigate to ‘Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Networks’. Here, check that your network settings are configured correctly and attempt to manually select your network operator if necessary.

It may take several attempts to reconnect, but persistency here usually pays off.


In sum, the ‘Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’ can be an annoying barrier to using your Android phone to its full potential. However, by employing the troubleshooting steps outlined above, you stand a good chance of resolving the issue. Remember, patience and a systematic approach are your best allies in tackling this problem.


Q: What are MMI codes typically used for on my phone?

A: MMI codes are specialized codes used for accessing specific information from your mobile service provider, performing phone functions like IMEI checks, or enabling/disabling certain features on your device.

Q: After trying the solutions, the problem still persists. What should I do?

A: If the error continues after you’ve tried the above methods, it might be time to contact your mobile service provider or the manufacturer for further assistance or troubleshooting steps.

By following these updated instructions, you should be able to overcome the ‘Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code’ and get back to using your Android phone smoothly and efficiently. Share this updated guide with friends or family if they’re facing the same issue, and support our quest to make tech problems less intimidating.

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