Effective Solutions for High CPU Usage by Diagnostic Policy Service on Windows 11

If you’re noticing sluggish performance on your Windows 11 PC, the Diagnostic Policy Service might be consuming more CPU resources than it should. This step-by-step guide offers effective methods to resolve high CPU usage issues related to the Diagnostic Policy Service, ensuring your system operates efficiently.

Understanding the Diagnostic Policy Service in Windows 11

The Diagnostic Policy Service (DPS) is a critical Windows service designed to diagnose and resolve issues within various system components. When operating normally, DPR uses minimal system resources. However, in certain situations, DPS can encounter issues, resulting in unusually high CPU usage, potentially impacting overall system performance.

Potential causes for high CPU usage by DPS include service corruption, damaged system files, malware, or large diagnostic log files, among others. Addressing these issues can help restore your computer to optimal performance.

Methods to Mitigate High CPU Usage by Diagnostic Policy Service

Resetting the Diagnostic Policy Service

A simple yet effective way to address DPS related high CPU usage is to reset the Diagnostic Policy Service itself:

  • Open Task Manager with Ctrl + Shift + Esc and navigate to the “Processes” tab.
  • Locate “Service Host: Diagnostic Policy Service,” select it, and choose “End Task.” Remember to tick ‘Abandon Unsafe Data and Shutdown’ if prompted.
  • Press Win + R, type “services.msc”, and hit “Enter” to launch the Services window.
  • Find “Diagnostic Policy Service,” right-click, choose “Properties,” hit “Stop,” wait for the service to halt, and then confirm with “OK.”
  • Enter “%WinDir%System32sru” in the Run dialog box to access the SRU directory (administrative rights required).
  • Delete the “SRUDB.dat” file and restart your PC to check whether the high CPU usage issue has been resolved.

Optimizing Power Settings

Altering power settings can particularly help laptop users tackle DPS-induced resource consumption:

  • Search for “Power & Sleep Settings,” navigate to “Additional Power Settings,” and click “Change plan settings” next to your current plan.
  • Click “Change advanced power settings” and expand the “Wireless Adapter Settings.”
  • Ensure that both “On battery” and “Plugged in” options under “Power Saving Mode” are set to “Maximum Performance.”
  • Confirm the changes by clicking “OK.”


By following these methods, you can address high CPU usage caused by the Diagnostic Policy Service on your Windows 11 PC. Remember to maintain your system regularly and perform system scans to prevent such issues from recurring, ensuring smooth and efficient computer operations.

FAQs about Handling High CPU Usage in Windows 11

Q: What should I do if I can’t manually stop the Diagnostic Policy Service?

A: If you can’t stop the service normally, consider performing a system restart. If the issue persists, boot into Safe Mode and attempt the above procedures from there.

Q: Are there additional steps I can take if the high CPU usage issue continues after trying these solutions?

A: Yes, if the issue persists, consider conducting a virus scan, performing a system file check with the SFC /scannow command, or utilizing Windows’ in-built troubleshooters. As a last resort, a system restore or reset can also be considered.

Implementing these solutions will help create a more stable environment for your readers’ Windows 11 systems, potentially solving the high CPU usage issue posed by the Diagnostic Policy Service, while keeping the content up-to-date and SEO-friendly.

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