How to Fix Fallout 4 Stuttering

Among gamers, Fallout 4 is a well-liked action role-playing game. However, a few people have mentioned that the game lags for them. Several factors could cause Fallout 4 to stutter. It might be brought on by using an old version of Windows, having insufficient RAM, or obsolete GPU card drivers. In addition, it might be started by running too many background programmes simultaneously or by compatibility problems. In this article we will try to tech you how to Fix Fallout 4 Stuttering.

Unfortunately, some Fallout 4 PC users are having a variety of problems during gaming, including stuttering, delays, crashes, frame drops, etc. It may be a serious problem for some PCs, depending on the compatibility aspect. Therefore, itโ€™s always preferable to resolve the problem so that you can at least play the game with a respectable FPS level. Below we have mention the steps to resolve Fallout 4 Stuttering issue.

4 Ways to Fix Stuttering Issue on Fallout 4

Close Background Processes and Change Priority

  • Under Processes tab, right-click each unnecessary tab and select End task.
  • Restart Fallout 4.

Adjust the Frame Rate

  • Open Windows file explorer.
  • Find your Fallout 4 game documents which are located in C:UsersYourUserNameDocumentsMy GamesFallout4.
  • Open the Fallout 4 folder and right click on Fallout4Prefs.ini. Then choose Open With > Notepad.
  • In Notepad find the setting named iFPSClamp and set it to 58 (iFPSClamp=58).
  • Save the file and close Notepad.

Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

  • Right-click the gameโ€™s shortcut and select Properties. You can also open File Explorer and navigate to the installation folder. Then right-click on the game executable and select Properties.
  • Switch to the Compatibility tab.
  • In the Compatibility mode section, check Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  • Click Apply and OK to save the changed settings.

Change Display Resolution

  • Open Windows setting.
  • Click on the System option in the menu displayed to open the System details window.
  • In the left pane of the window, click the Display tab and change the resolution in the Display resolution section to change the resolution of your PC.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on methods to Fix Stuttering Issue on Fallout 4. Fallout 4 has faced stuttering, lag, and frame freeze issues for a while, and the community has frequently pointed them out in hopes of finding a working fix.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix Fallout 4 Stuttering.

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