Fixing Mac Booting with Black Screen Issue

Are you frustrated with your Mac showing a black screen upon booting up? You’re not alone. But don’t worry, there are several simple solutions to this irritating problem that we’ll dive into below.

Main Reasons for Mac Showing Black Screen at Startup

  • Third-party applications causing screen expansion
  • Recent operating system updates
  • Issues with power and display settings
  • Cables not connected

How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Boot Screen Problem

Here are twelve solutions to fixing black screen issues on your Mac:

Solution #1: Check if Power is On

Ensure that your Mac is receiving power and is charging. Check the charging cable connection and listen for any noise from your Mac, such as the hard drive or fans. Charge for at least ten minutes before turning it on again.

Solution #2: Disconnect All Peripherals

Disconnect all accessories except the charging cable and adapter to eliminate any external accessories interfering with display settings.

Solution #3: Adjust Screen Brightness

Press the F1 and F2 buttons to brighten your screen.

Solution #4: Force Restart Your MacBook Pro

Hold the Power key for six seconds, wait until your Mac shuts down, and then hit the Power key again to restart it.

Solution #5: Reset Mac NVRAM Settings

Reset to factory-default settings by turning off your Mac, turning it on and pressing Cmd + Option + P + R until you hear two startup sounds.

Solution #6: Restart System Management Controller

Reset power management settings by pressing Shift + Control + Option + Power keys simultaneously and releasing them before booting up your Mac.

Solution #7: Keystroke Sequence (Keyboard)

Press the “S” button to sleep and then force a shutdown by holding the Power key for four seconds, wait 16 seconds, and then restart your Mac.

Solution #8: Restart the PRAM

Reset the memory holding some settings for your Mac by holding down Command + Option + P + R at startup.

Solution #9: Boot into Safe Mode

Run startup disk diagnostics by holding the Shift key until startup is complete.

Solution #10: Enter Password and Press Return

Enter your usual login password and press Enter/Return key.

Solution #11: Turn Off Automatic Graphics Switching

Disable automatic graphics card (GPU) switching for MacBook Pros with dual GPUs.

Solution #12: Reinstall macOS

If all else fails, try reinstalling macOS.

Conclusion: How to Fix ‘Mac Boot­ing with Black Screen’ Issue

With these twelve solutions, you can take simple steps to get rid of a black screen when booting up your Mac. If you’re still having trouble or have questions, feel free to reach out via our contact form. And if this article was helpful, please share it with your friends and family.


Can a corrupted startup disk cause this issue?

Yes, in some cases, corrupted information on the startup disk can halt the boot process, causing a black screen.

How can brightness keys on the keyboard cause this issue?

Entering the brightness keys on the keyboard can dim the screen and make it difficult to navigate. In some cases, it can also cause a black screen.

What can cause the PRAM settings to be corrupted?

PRAM settings can become corrupted for various reasons, such as software glitches or interrupted updates.

How do I reinstall macOS?

You can reinstall macOS by using your macOS Recovery partition or download a new macOS from the App Store and install it on your Mac device.

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