How to Fix PS4 Error nw-31253-4

This PlayStation error is directly related to DNS errors in your network, and some users had a difficult time resolving the issue that was preventing them from accessing PlayStation 4 online features. There are several solutions to this problem, but first ensure that there is nothing wrong with your Internet connection. If the other devices on the same network have no problems connecting to the Internet. The DNS error NW-31253-4 is another vexing PS4 error message that can appear. This usually means that the PS4 is unable to connect to the internet because the DNS servers are invalid or unavailable. In this article we will try to tech you how to Fix PS4 Error nw-31253-4.

This error message is usually easily resolved by manually configuring your PS4 console’s DNS servers. You can usually get your PS4/PS5 back online by using Google’s DNS or another well-known DNS service. The procedure is simple and quick. This issue appears to resolve the issue for the majority of users who try it; perhaps 8 out of 10 based on feedback.

If you receive an error message on your Playstation PS4 NW-31253-4, you can resolve it by power cycling your router, PSN Server, DNS numbers, changing ports, slow internet connection on Playstation 4, and other methods. Recently, a growing number of players have reported the PS4 DNS Error NW-312NW-31 to us. Below we have mention the steps to resolve PS4 Error nw-31253-4.

4 Ways to Fix PS4 Error nw-31253-4

How to Fix PS4 Error nw-31253-4

Reset Your PS4

  • Turn off your PS4 completely and unplug the power cord from the back of the device.
  • Disconnect all peripherals from your PS4, including modem, router, controllers and other external devices.
  • Wait at least 2 minutes and then reconnect everything to PS4 and make sure there is no damage when reconnecting.
  • Reconnect the power cord and turn on your PS4 console.

Change Your DNS Settings

  • Open the PS4 home menu, then navigate to the settings icon and press the X button on the console.
  • On the Settings menu, click Network, and then click Set Up Internet Connection.

If You Are Using LAN Cable:

  • Select Select Custom with a ethernet cable.
  • Set the IP Address Settings to Automatic, and then select Do Not Use in the DHCP Host Name.
  • Set the DNS Configuration to Manual. Then, configure the Primary DNS to and the Secondary DNS to or
  • To get the MTU Settings, click Next, then select Automatic in the MTU Settings and Do Not Use in the Proxy Server.

If You Are Using Wi-Fi Network:

  • Select Wi-Fi and then click Custom.
  • To connect to a Wi-Fi network, select it and enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • In the IP Address Settings, select Automatic, and in the DNS Settings, select Manual.
  • In the DHCP Host Name field, select Do Not Use.

Restart your router

Many connectivity and internet-related issues can be resolved by restarting your network devices. If you see the NW-3125-4 error on your console, the first thing you should do is restart your wifi router and ensure you have internet access.

Restart your console

Continuing on from the previous point, you can also try restarting your console along with your router. Restarting devices can resolve a variety of seemingly unrelated issues, including any networking or connectivity issues you may be experiencing.

What is PS4 error code NW-31253-4

NW-31253-4 is one of the vexing DNS errors that can occur on your PlayStation 4. It is primarily caused by a failed DNS server, but it can also appear when there is a problem with your home network internet connection or when there is an ongoing server issue.

When you see NW-31253-4, it means your PlayStation 4 console has a problem with its internet connection and will be unable to access the PlayStation Network or play online multiplayer.

Causes of PS4 DNS error NW-31253-4

Slow internet connection

A slow connection while using your PS4 to browse the PlayStation Store, play online multiplayer, or check other PSN services, similar to a router issue, may result in errors.

Unresponsive router

If your PS4 is unable to establish a solid connection to the servers due to a problem with your home router, Error NW-31253-4 may occur. Routers may fail to function properly if left running for an extended period of time. An unresponsive router can cause a variety of problems, so make it a habit to reboot your network equipment every few days.

ISP-provided DNS server is down

By default, your home devices will use the DNS settings provided by your ISP. DNS servers, including your ISP’s DNS, can experience issues from time to time. If you’re having trouble accessing websites on your other devices at home, it’s most likely due to a DNS server issue with your Internet Service Provider.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on methods to Fix PS4 Error nw-31253-4. When there is a problem with your PS4 DNS settings and the error code NW-31253-4 appears. It indicates that there is an issue with your DNS settings. On PS4, this is a very frustrating error code. Because when this error code appears on the screen, the user is unable to play or use any PlayStation services.

Check that your internet connection is working properly on all of your devices. In addition, the Wi-Fi and Ethernet cables are in good working order. If your internet connection fails, PS4 DNS Error NW-31253-4 appears on the screen, and you are unable to use any PlayStation services.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix PS4 Error nw-31253-4.

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