Fixing Screen Flickering Issue in Windows 11 PC

If you’re experiencing the annoying screen flickering issue on your Windows 11 PC, don’t worry because there are several solutions to fix it. The issue can be caused by hardware problems like loose cables or software errors such as outdated drivers or virus infections. Here, we have compiled some simple and effective solutions to resolve the screen flickering issue in Windows 11.

How to Fix Screen Flickering Issue in Windows 11 PC

Check cables and monitors

Make sure that the monitor’s cable is securely connected to your PC. Loose cables or misplaced connections can cause screen flickering issues. Connect your computer to another monitor to determine whether the issue is with the monitor or the computer. Inspect the monitor’s cable and replace it if there is any damage.

Restart the Desktop Window Manager

Desktop Window Manager (dwm.exe) in Windows 11 is responsible for rendering displays. If it becomes faulty, screen flickering or other display errors can occur. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager and stop the Desktop Window Manager process. It will automatically restart, and it might resolve the issue.

Check monitor Hz rate

Some monitors can support overclocking refresh rates, which can cause screen flickering. Try decreasing or increasing the Hz of the monitor. Go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced display to choose a lower or higher frequency to solve the problem.

Boot into safe mode

Third-party software, virus infections, or video card drivers can be responsible for screen flickering issues. If the problem goes away in safe mode, it indicates that the issue is caused by third-party software or virus infections. Boot your PC into safe mode, and perform a thorough virus scan to detect any malicious content.

Scan for viruses

Use reliable antivirus software to scan your system for viruses and remove any found virus or malware that can cause screen flickering.

Update monitor drivers

Open Device Manager by pressing Win + X, find the ‘Monitors’ item, right-click it, and select ‘Update driver.’ If updating the monitor drivers doesn’t help, you can uninstall the device, restart your PC, and let Microsoft Windows install the missing or updated drivers.

Update graphics card drivers

Outdated graphics card drivers can cause multiple display issues, including screen flickering. Completely remove the outdated drivers from your system using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU), then download and install the latest drivers from the official website of the graphics card manufacturer like AMD, Intel, or Nvidia.

Uninstall the most recent Windows update

If the screen flickers after installing the latest Windows 11 update, removing the update can resolve the issue.

Final Thoughts

We hope these solutions help resolve your screen flickering issue in your Windows 11 PC. If you still experience the flickering problem, contact the manufacturer’s customer support or take your PC to a certified technician for further hardware checks. Share this article with your friends and family to help them fix the screen flickering issue in their Windows 11 PC.


Connect your PC to another monitor. If the problem still persists, it’s a software issue, and if the issue goes away, it’s likely a faulty hardware issue.

2. Can I fix screen flickering on Windows 11 by adjusting the brightness level?

Although increasing or decreasing screen brightness may temporarily fix the issue in some cases, it is not a guaranteed solution to screen flickering.

3. Why is screen flickering often found in Windows 11?

Screen flickering is a relatively common issue on Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, caused by hardware or software issues such as outdated drivers, faulty cables, or viruses.

4. Can I fix the screen flickering issue in Windows 11 by restoring to a previous version?

You can restore your computer to a previous version or a system restore point to fix the screen flickering issue in Windows 11, but it is not a guaranteed solution. It’s best to try the above methods before restoring your system.

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