How to Fix ‘The Game Card Could Not be Read’ Error on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a video game console that was released on March 3, 2017 in most parts of the world. It is a hybrid console that can be used on both a home console and a portable device. As a result, it is popular among many gamers. Gamers would like to insert a game card into the Switch in order to play more games. On the one hand, this allows you to play multiple games without having to delete them from your Switch system. On the other hand, it will generate errors such as Switch game card error. In this article we will teach you How to Fix ‘The Game Card Could Not be Read’ Error on Nintendo Switch.

You cannot play games on the SD card when the Nintendo Switch not reading game card error occurs. Isn’t it aggravating? So, what is the source of the Nintendo Switch game card error? In reality, this error will occur for a variety of reasons. It could be caused by one of the following factors. The game card is broken, unreadable, or damaged. The game card is positioned incorrectly. Something is wrong with the Nintendo Switch console. The cartridge is faulty. Below we have mention the steps to Fix ‘The Game Card Could Not be Read’ Error on Nintendo Switch.

How to Fix ‘The Game Card Could Not be Read’ Error on Nintendo Switch

How to Fix ‘The Game Card Could Not be Read’ Error on Nintendo Switch

Update Firmware of Your Nintendo Switch to the Latest Build

If the firmware on your Nintendo Switch is outdated, the game card issue may appear, and updating the firmware to the latest build may solve the problem.

  • Navigate to the System tab in System Settings on your Nintendo Switch’s Home screen.
  • Select System Update and allow the update to install (if an update is available).
  • After updating, check to see if the Switch is free of the game card error.

Reset the Cache of the Nintendo Switch

If the Nintendo Switch’s cache is corrupt, the game card error may appear, and clearing the cache of the Nintendo Switch may solve the problem.

  • Go to the Nintendo Switch System Settings and select the System tab.
  • Then, in the Formatting Options window, choose Reset Cache.
  • Now, select the user profile for which you want to clear the cache and press the Reset button.
  • Once the cache has been reset, click OK to see if the game card problem has been resolved.

Clean and Reinsert the Game Card

The Nintendo Switch game card issue could be the result of a temporary Switch malfunction, and reinserting the card may solve the problem.

  • Remove the Game card from the Switch and replace it to see if the problem has been resolved.
  • If not, see if slowly reinserting the card at a slight angle fixes the problem.
  • If not, remove the card from the Switch and use rubbing alcohol to clean the card’s connections.
  • Then, using a compressed can, blow air into the switch’s card slot.
  • Now slowly reinsert the game card to see if the game card problem has been resolved.
  • If that doesn’t work, remove the problematic game card from the slot and replace it in the Switch.
  • Then, verify that the newly inserted card is functional.
  • If this is the case, replace the problematic game card and see if it works properly.

Unplug Headphones from the Nintendo Switch

If the Nintendo Switch headphones are short-circuiting the auxiliary port (next to the game card reader), unplugging the headphones may resolve the issue.

  • Remove the Game Card from the Switch and disconnect your headphones.
  • Now, hold down the Volume Down button until the switch sound stops.
  • Then, insert the Game Card into the Switch to see if the Game Card problem has been resolved.

Restart the Nintendo Switch

If the Nintendo Switch still displays the game card error after reinserting the card several times, restarting the Nintendo Switch (which will reinitialize the switch’s various hardware components) may solve the problem.

  • When the Nintendo Switch’s Power menu appears, press the Power button and select Power Options.
  • Then select Restart, and once the Switch is powered on, check to see if the Game Card issue has been resolved.
  • If not, remove the Game Card from the Switch and turn it off (not sleep). If the Switch is connected to a charger, disconnect it from the charger.
  • Replace the Game Card and restart the Switch to see if the Game Card error has been resolved.

If the problem persists, either your Game Card is faulty (especially if it does not work with another Switch or PC) or the Nintendo Switch slot is faulty (especially, if other Game Cards are also not working with the Switch).

Final Words

If the problems still resides and you are not able to fix the problem by following the above steps the new one can go to their official Nintendo Switch website and ask for more. The Nintendo Switch is the first console to attempt to bridge the gap between home and handheld, which means it’s an incredibly valuable addition to Nintendo’s family of consoles without losing any of the charm that previous releases have established. Given its hybrid nature, it’s a fantastic console with impressive capabilities.

The design of the Nintendo Switch has allowed Nintendo to maintain its dominance in household consoles by offering something completely new, especially after the success of the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS; even the experimental second screen of the Wii U was revolutionary when it debuted. So, even after six years and in the face of competition from the Nintendo Switch OLED, there’s a reason the Nintendo Switch remains as popular as ever.

I hope you understand this article, How to Fix ‘The Game Card Could Not be Read’ Error on Nintendo Switch.

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