How to Fix the ‘Invalid Partition Table’ issue on Windows 10

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Check How to Fix the ‘Invalid Partition Table’ issue on Windows 10

What is an invalid partition table? Invalid partition table occurrence is usually triggered when the system boot process cannot find the partition containing the boot data or the MBR gets corrupted. This problem prevents the computer from booting properly and can occur on all brands of computers like Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Asus, etc.

Compute stores data on the hard drive, which is usually divided into multiple partitions. The system regards each partition as a separate area, so the files can be well organized. The properties and information of each partition are stored in a partition table. Partition table is a table stored on the hard drive that is used to record and describe the partitions on the hard drive. Therefore, it is very important that the hard drive partition is accessed by the operating system.

Fix ‘Invalid Partition Table’ issue in Windows 10

Since you have found out the reasons for “Invalid Partition Table”, you can apply different methods in various situations.

Change boot sequence

If your computer is connected to external hard drives through one, “Invalid Partition Table” error usually occurs due to wrong boot order. In this case, you can restart your computer. Then enter the BIOS at startup and set the hard drive containing the operating system as the first option to boot. Finally, restart the computer to see if the Windows system can boot normally.

Update BIOS version

If you install Windows 10 on an SSD and the BIOS is out of date, this can cause an “Invalid Partition Table” error. In this case, you need to update the BIOS to the latest version. Download the latest BIOS from the manufacturer’s website on a working computer to a bootable media and install the BIOS from the bootable media. Restart your computer after the update.

Active correct partition using Diskpart in Windows 10

Well, it is possible that the error occurs as a result of too many active partitions. Only one partition needs to be set active to boot; if the number of active partitions is greater than one, the system cannot choose one to boot from. At this time, you need to check and change the status of the partitions. The steps for inactive partitions are as follows:

  • Insert the Windows installation disk and start the computer from there.
  • Choose a suitable language, time and keyboard input; then click “Repair your computer”.
  • Select the drive where Windows 10 was installed and click “Next”.
  • Choose Command Prompt in the “System Recovery Options” interface.
  • Type “list volume” and press “Enter” > Type “list volume” and press “Enter” to realize which partitions are active partition > Type “select volume n” and press “Enter” > Type “inactive” and press “Enter” .
  • Reboot the system to see if the issue is resolved.

Final words: How to Fix the ‘Invalid Partition Table’ issue on Windows 10

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