How to Fix ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ Error in Windows 10

Getting an error message that reads “USB device not recognized” when connecting your USB device to a Windows 10 computer can be frustrating. This is usually due to outdated drivers, corruption, pending Windows updates, or defective hardware. However, you don’t have to worry as there are effective fixes to resolve this issue:

Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

A quick computer reboot can solve the unrecognized USB device error. Just plug in the USB device, wait a few minutes, restart your computer, and connect the device again to see if it works.

Solution 2: Try a Different Computer

To check if your USB device is failing, try connecting it to another computer. If it doesn’t work elsewhere, you may need to consider replacing it or getting it repaired.

Solution 3: Connect Fewer Devices

If you have multiple USB devices connected to your computer, this may cause a conflict and prevent some devices from functioning correctly. Disconnect other USB devices and see if the specific device you intend to use works.

Solution 4: Change USB Power Management Settings

Adjusting power management settings often fixes the ‘USB device not recognized’ error. Open Device Manager by pressing Windows + R buttons simultaneously, typing devmgmt.msc, and pressing Enter. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers and right-click on each USB Root Hub option. Go to Properties, click the Power Management tab, and uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’. Repeat this process for all USB Root Hubs.

Solution 5: Update the USB Port Driver

Outdated drivers can cause compatibility problems and error messages. To fix this, use a driver updater like Driver Easy to scan your system for driver issues. Click the update button next to affected drivers to install the latest version (you can use the free version).

Solution 6: Change Power Supply Settings

Open the Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound, and click Power Options. Choose ‘Choose what the power button does’ and then select ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable.’ Uncheck ‘Enable fast startup’ and save changes. Finally, restart your computer and try connecting the USB device again.

Solution 7: Check USB Selective Suspend Settings

Launch Power Options from the Control Panel and select Change plan settings. Afterward, click Change advanced power settings and expand USB Settings followed by USB Selective Suspend Settings. Turn off ‘On battery’ and ‘Connected’ settings, click Apply and OK.


‘USB device not recognized’ issue can be fixed using these solutions. Try each solution and see which one works for you. If the problem persists, contact your device manufacturer or seek professional help.


1. Why is my USB not being recognized?

There are several causes for unrecognized USB, including outdated drivers, defective hardware, or logical corruption.

2. Can I repair a defective USB device?

Physical defects require device replacement, while logical issues can be resolved by using suitable software to recover lost data or repair the device.

3. How can I update my USB port driver?

Download and install a driver updater like Device Easy, scan your computer for driver issues, and click the update button next to affected drivers to download and install the latest version (you can use the free version).

4. How many USB devices can I connect to my computer?

There is no specific limit to the number of USB devices you can connect, but having too many may cause a conflict that could prevent some devices from working correctly.

Stop the ‘USB Device Not Recognized’ Error Now!

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