Troubleshooting the “Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu Stuck” Dilemma

Mastering your computer’s interface is essential for an efficient digital experience. However, sometimes users encounter unexpected snags, such as the ‘Windows 10 full screen Start menu stuck’ issue. This article is designed to guide you through resolving this frustration, ensuring that you can swiftly return to a seamless user experience. Read on for user-friendly solutions to this Windows 10 hiccup.

Understanding and Resolving the Full Screen Start Menu Freeze

When Windows 10 operates seamlessly, it’s a pleasure to use. But when things go awry—as they occasionally do—simple issues like a frozen Start menu can provoke significant headaches. Such glitches may surface particularly when innovations are introduced without the depth of traditional quality assurance, relying instead on user feedback for refinements.

Facing a Start menu that’s obstinately stuck in full screen mode is more common than you might think. You may have found yourself grappling with a refusal to revert back to the familiar desktop view. Fear not—whether it’s from an inadvertent click or a misconfigured setting, we’ll walk you through the troubleshooting process to restore your desktop to its desired state.

Step by Step: Fixing Windows 10’s Full Screen Start Menu Issue

Simple measures can often correct the over-zealous Start menu. Here’s how to rectify the full-screen constraint and reclaim your desktop real estate.

Disengage Tablet Mode

One possible culprit for the full screen Start menu is Tablet Mode. Here’s how to disable it:

  • Access the “Action Center” situated on the taskbar’s lower right, or use the shortcut “Windows Key + A”.
  • Look for “Tablet Mode”; if it’s not immediately visible, click “Expand”.
  • Toggle it off by clicking the icon.

Alter Full Screen Settings

You may also adjust the Start menu settings directly:

  • Head to “Settings” via “Windows Key + I”.
  • Select “Personalization”, located on the home screen or found via a Settings search.
  • In the sidebar, click “Start”, then locate and turn off “Use Start full screen” (if it’s off, toggle it on and off again).
  • A reboot isn’t usually necessary, but it won’t hurt if the setting doesn’t immediately take effect.

Modify Startup Settings

If you’re still grappling with Tablet Mode, venture into the startup settings:

  • Navigate to “Settings” with “Windows Key + I”.
  • Choose “System” and select “Tablet mode” from the sidebar.
  • Opt for “Use desktop mode”, or “Use the appropriate mode for my hardware”, tailoring to your preference.

Tweak Projection Settings

Although less frequently the cause, projection settings can sometimes interfere:

  • Open “Action Center” and click on “Project”.
  • Select “PC screen only” from the prompt.

Concluding Thoughts on the Stuck Windows 10 Start Menu Quandary

In wrapping up, troubleshooting the ‘Windows 10 full screen Start menu stuck’ dilemma can be a straightforward process. By tackling settings adjustments methodically, you stand a good chance of quickly resolving the issue and enjoying a clear path back to productivity.


Q: What if none of the above solutions resolve the full screen Start menu issue?

A: If the Start menu remains unresponsive, consider creating a new user profile, running a system file checker scan, or restoring to a previous system state.

Q: Is this full screen issue exclusive to Windows 10?

A: The solutions provided here are tailored to Windows 10; however, other operating systems may exhibit similar behaviors with their unique solutions.

With the steps outlined in this guide, users can bid farewell to the immobilizing full screen Start menu and enjoy their computing experience to the fullest.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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