How To Fly A Pelican In Halo Infinite On Xbox And PC

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Check How To Fly A Pelican In Halo Infinite On Xbox And PC

In Halo Infinite, like in previous Halo games, you’ll often be whisked from one key location to another in a transport vehicle called a Pelican. It’s a giant hovercraft that you shouldn’t be piloting at any point in the campaign. Hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t. Yes, developer 343 Industries seems to have gone to the trouble of coding the Pelican as a drivable vehicle in Halo Infinite, whose campaign launched on Xbox and PC last month. Although the Pelican is not one of the 11 officially usable vehicles in the campaign, you can still get behind the wheel.

There are two ways to do this, both of which are based on catching the Pelican when it drops a vehicle on one of Halo Infinite’s Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). Each FOB has a tower. When the pelican flies up, use your grappleshot to launch yourself from the top of the spire towards the pelican. The moment is difficult. I’ve tried almost two dozen times and only succeeded once, and I have no idea what makes this attempt any different from the others. It must have been luck. Someone tells Cortana.

Flying the Pelican in Halo Infinite on Xbox and Windows PC

  • The following is a no-mod method of flying a Pelican. This is good, as it means you don’t need to install game mod files on your computer, and you might as well do it on console. We’ll see…

Go to and Capture FOB Hotel

  • The easiest way to capture and drive a Pelican is to start by capturing FOB Hotel, as there are several Banshees in close proximity that will come in handy in a minute. This is not too difficult a FOB to capture, so go head-on and use your fighting skills to kill everyone in the base and capture it.

Pick up one of the nearby Banshees and bring it to the FOB hotel

  • Run to the cliff near the FOB Hotel, it’s pretty obvious. There should be a couple of Banshees stationed here. Jump into one and take it back to the FOB hotel, landing it right next to the vehicle’s spawn controls.

Get out of the Banshee and land on the Pelican

  • Once you are on top of the Pelican, you need to jump off the Banshee and land on top of the Pelican so you can walk over there. We recommend using the Banshee method as it’s the easiest, but you can also try to get to the top by calling the Pelican with the Vehicle Spawner and using your grab.

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