How to handle Facebook Leads with Phone Calls

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Facebook is an important tool for businesses of all sizes and industries. It helps you reach new audiences, get found more easily in search, build a community around your business, promote the content you post, and develop a strong brand identity. But what about using Facebook to generate leads? One of the most compelling reasons to use Facebook marketing is to generate new contacts who will one day become paying customers. However, many do not use Facebook to generate leads. If you fall into this category of marketers, you are potentially missing out on thousands of potential customers.

How to handle Facebook leads with phone calls

Location always matters

More than 52% of shoppers who use their smartphones to make purchases expect to find a local store, service or agent within 3-5 miles of them. And because? Because it’s just convenient. Whatever they’re looking for — a doctor, a grocery store, an insurance agent, or whatever — it’s easier when it’s close by.

In order for your brand/service to reach this audience, you need to target the state, zip code or country within the desired radius of your business. If you want, you can extend your range by specifying certain location parameters, like 20 miles within a certain city, etc. Be sure to include a local phone number that lets your customers know you’re in their area. To make your ad more effective, you can experiment with local language or slang and include offers that make you the first choice over your competitors.

Optimize your ad for mobile devices

For customers shopping on mobile, it’s all about the user experience. As an advertiser, you need to think mobile first to drive phone call conversions. Create the best mobile-friendly landing pages and ads that have short but punchy ad copy, creative, and an eye-catching call-to-action.

Make sure your landing pages load fast and look great on any smartphone or tablet by creating clickable call buttons and displaying contact numbers that clearly indicate that you want your user to call your business. Be sure to do an A/B test before launching the campaign.

call to action

Facebook’s Click-to-Call ad service allows you to place a prominent “Call Now” button (or similar CTA) on your click-to-call ads. A “Call Now” button is one of the easiest and most effective tools when it comes to generating phone calls through your Facebook ads. Available as part of Facebook Reach Ads, this feature allows customers to call businesses directly from the ad they see in their News Feed. Take advantage of this feature with smart use of ad text and ads that maximize the conversion of calls from mobile users. Remember to use location-specific language in your ad text and use local phone numbers so potential customers can reach them in your area.

Use FB’s unique targeting feature:

Facebook’s targeting options are extremely impressive and advanced, helping you be visible to highly engaged prospects. Some important targeting options available are:

  • Location – This allows you to target prospects who reside in a particular country, state, zip code, or even within a few miles of your business. Simply specify localized phone numbers in those campaigns to create a local image for callers.
  • Behaviors – This feature creates dramatic impact by targeting people based on the devices they use. It allows you to make call-focused ads for smartphone users.
  • Similar Audiences – In case you know who the callers are, you can upload their details (contact number/email ID, city or any other information) and Facebook will replicate the people who are similar to your existing base and create a lookalike audience from your customer. ready.
  • Custom Audiences: Facebook also allows you to target your existing customers by securely uploading data from the people you specifically want to communicate with.

attribute calls

To achieve high call volume and measure your marketing efforts, you should include call tracking numbers on all your landing pages and ads. Traceable phone numbers help you attribute call results to the landing page that was responsible for generating those calls. Call attribution gives you all the critical data you need to measure your marketing performance and sales impact. Use this data to optimize your media usage and attract more customers through inbound calls.

Integrating Facebook Ads with call tracking has dramatically improved ROI for businesses in recent years. As more and more consumers interact on social media via smartphones, click-to-call buttons in ads have seen a massive increase in call volume. Consumers find it much more convenient and quicker to contact brands through a quick call than by filling out a web form. If you can’t track these calls, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to monetize these customers and generate potential revenue.

Final words: How to handle Facebook Leads with Phone Calls

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