How To Increase Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact

As you progress through Genshin Impact, your Adventure Rank will rise, unlocking new features and granting access to new story missions. This is closely linked to your World Level, which raises both the difficulty of enemies and the value of the loot they drop. Increasing your Adventure Rank will also grant you rewards such as resources for levelling up your characters and weapons, as well as Primogems needed to make Wishes in order to unlock new playable characters. In this article we will try to teach you how to Increase Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is a fun game, but levelling up can be tedious. Many features, such as co-op, new questlines, and new Domains, are only available after achieving a certain Adventure Rank. Because your Adventure Rank level is too low, you may have already run out of things to do. Below we have mention the steps to Increase Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact.

Ways To Increase Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact

Archon & Story Quests

These can be fenced behind certain levels, but once you’ve unlocked them, they’re the best way to increase your adventure rank, so you’ll want to do them as soon as they become available. This is essentially the “main part” of Genshin Impact. While this isn’t particularly wise advice – we’re basically telling you to play the game as it’s designed – it would be foolish to ignore the fact that regular progression will contribute to your Adventurer rank.

Complete Side Quests & World Quests

These are much shorter missions that don’t really advance the story in any meaningful way, they add some depth to the world and give you the opportunity to explore and discover new places

Temples & Domains

Again, these are locked behind different levels as you progress, but are much shorter than Archon missions, allowing for a rapid increase in your level. These are scattered around the map in blue diamonds, but some require you to solve a nearby puzzle before you can access them. You also need Original Resin to get the temple rewards, which we will explain below as they affect a few other things as well.

Daily Commissions

You’ll unlock these once you reach level 10, but since there are many quests available early on, you’ll come across them quite naturally. Four different mini-missions are available every day, which will give you XP and some resources. They’re mostly “go here and kill six enemies,” so they can all be swept pretty quickly. If you do them regularly and claim the bonus for all four, your adventure rank will slowly but surely increase.

Explore The Map

Before you unlock the ability to do many of these things, your only real option is exploration. Luckily, opening chests or activating teleporters or statues (both marked on the map even when inactive) will award some minor XP. Focusing on that side of things early on will make fast travel easier and get you to the good things a little quicker.

Final Words

We hope you like our article on how to raise Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact will help your and resolve all your problems. Genshin Impact focuses heavily on exploration, offering players various activities and things to discover. Completing all of these tasks will earn you Adventure Rank and Character XP, which are required to progress in the game.

I hope you understand this article, How To Increase Adventure Rank In Genshin Impact.

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