How to Increase The Signal Strength of Your Antenna

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Check How to Increase The Signal Strength of Your Antenna

If you are having problems with pixelation of your Freeview signal or if you are wondering why your antenna is not working. It may be that you have a weak TV signal. In fact, your TV may already be displaying a “weak signal” or “no signal” message. Read this blog to get all the information you need on how to improve TV signal strength. It does not necessarily mean that you have a weak TV signal. You could have too much signal, don’t think so! With digital television, any problem with the signal will cause the picture on the television to be interrupted and this can be caused by many other things, such as interference and faulty equipment. Now that has been clarified.

Whether you live on the beach in Sydney or miles from the nearest inland city, sometimes you have to settle down and watch TV. But if you rely on a TV antenna, chances are you’ve run into static once or twice. That pixelation and glitches that always seem to be the best part of your favorite show. You may have been living with him for years. We just hope he doesn’t show up during a crucial cricket match. In this article we will teach you how to increase the signal strength of your antenna.

How to increase the signal strength of your antenna

Get a dimmer

If you are too close to the TV transmitter and the signal is overloading your DTV tuner or converter box, use a dimmer to reduce the signal strength. Ideally, a continuously adjustable fader gives you the ability to set the amount of attenuation (gain) needed for different channels.

The most common type is a small in-line unit that is inserted between the antenna and the television (or DTV converter box) and has a fixed amount of reduced gain (3db, 6db, 12db). The hard part is figuring out how much gain reduction you need. One that has a variable gain control (3dB to 12dB) is better so you can adjust it.

Use one distribution amplifier for multiple TVs or use a separate antenna for each TV

If you have more than one TV, ideally you should have a separate antenna for each one. Splitting the signal decreases the signal strength, especially if the cable distance from the signal splitter and one or more TVs is long.

A more practical solution is to use a distribution amplifier. Connect the main feed of the antenna to the input of the amplifier and connect the outputs of the amplifier to your televisions. Distribution amplifier prices vary depending on the make, model, and number of outputs provided.

raise that antenna

If a reset didn’t help, it may be time to take a closer look at your antenna. The number one reason most people lose signal is that their antenna doesn’t have a clear line of sight to broadcast towers. Ideally, your antenna should be the highest point on your property, except for a lightning rod.

This will ensure that the signal does not bounce off another building, tree, or mountain and become fragmented. Obstacles create opportunities for the signal to split and arrive “out of phase”, with your antenna causing problems. Experts generally recommend installing an antenna at least 10 to 20 feet off the ground. And the roof of your house is usually the best option.

Use a signal booster

If you’re having trouble receiving TV signals, place a signal booster (also called a signal booster) between the antenna and the TV to boost the signal. This also helps with low sensitivity TV tuners and DTV converter boxes. Connect the antenna cable to the input of the amplifier, then connect the output to the antenna input of the TV. You also need to connect the amplifier to power.

Run a channel scan

After verifying the antenna location and connections, enter the TV or DTV converter box setup menu, then run a new channel scan. New channels may be added that were not previously available. If a station registers, you should be able to see it.

Install a good quality coaxial cable

You do not want the signal that is received from your television’s antenna to be lost in the connecting coaxial cable when it reaches the television. When installing coaxial cable for TV antennas, they must have at least double shielding and a solid center conductor. If your cable is a “low loss” shielded cable or has a twisted center conductor, you will lose an excessive amount of signal through the cable, which could weaken the TV signal. Ideally, when installing coaxial cables for TV antennas, they should all have copper conductors, that is, a copper braid, a copper shield, and copper center conductors. Examples of good quality coaxial cables for TV antennas are WF100, CT100, PF100 and HD100.

Final words: How to Increase The Signal Strength of Your Antenna

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