How to insert special characters on Windows 11 PC

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Check How to insert special characters on Windows 11 PC

What happens when you want to enter something more specialized, like a math equation symbol or another language symbol? You will have trouble finding these special characters on a standard keyboard. In a world full of different types of fonts that we search for on the web, we always end up looking for different types of characters and special symbols. We may have learned to tweak our systems, but most of us still don’t know how to input certain characters, like currencies, regardless of what’s already present on our keyboards.

There are moments in our life when we need to prepare some documents for projects or prepare some kind of presentation and we are very tight in our schedule, at this moment the search for such special characters and symbols causes us serious damage. We all understand that these types of characters and symbols are the ones we don’t use very often.

If you speak and write English every day, you will end up in a situation where you have to use a loan word from a country that uses accents or other special characters in its alphabet. English itself is a mix of languages, including influences from Germany, France, Italy, etc. Also, multicultural societies mean English speakers are more likely to work with someone whose name contains special characters. In this article, we will teach you how to type characters on Windows 11 PC.

How to type special characters on Windows 11 PC

How to add special characters with the Windows 11 clipboard manager

The updated Windows 11 clipboard manager is a good alternative to character map for adding characters. The clipboard manager includes a set of monetary, Latin, geometric, mathematical and additional symbols that can be inserted into documents.

Unlike the character map, the clipboard manager also allows you to add emoji to documents. You can add symbols and emoticons to documents using Windows 11 Clipboard Manager as follows.

  • First, open a document in which you want to insert a symbol or emoji.
  • Click anywhere in the document to add a symbol or emoji.
  • To open the clipboard history manager, press Windows + V hotkey for it. Note that you must have clipboard history enabled in
  • Windows 11 to open that function.
  • Select the Symbols tab within the clipboard manager.
  • Then click on a symbol on that tab to insert it into the document. Note that clicking a symbol does not copy it to the clipboard.
  • To add an emoji, click the Emoji tab instead.
  • Select an emoji with the mouse cursor to add it to the document.
  • If you prefer kaomojis, click on the Kaomojis tab in the clipboard manager.
  • Then choose a classic emoticon on that tab to add to your document.

How to add unique characters with alternate codes

In addition to the tools built into Windows 11, you can still add many unique characters and symbols to your documents using alternate codes. The alternate code set allows you to enter special characters using the number keys on your keyboard. IBM originally developed this set of codes to allow users to insert characters that are not always available on the keyboard.

To insert single characters with Alt codes, open a document and type them. Press the NumLk key on your keyboard to enable Num Lock. Then press and hold the Alt key and enter the code using the number pad. The symbol will appear when you release the Alt key after entering your code.

How to add special characters with the character map

Character Map is the main Windows utility for inserting special characters. This application is available on all Windows platforms starting with XP. This allows you to select and copy to the clipboard many unique characters and symbols for different fonts so that you can paste them into documents. This is how you can open and use this app in Windows 11.

  • Open the Type here to search box by clicking the magnifying glass button on the taskbar.
  • Enter Character Map in the search tool’s text box.
  • Select Character Map to open that app.
  • Click the Font dropdown menu to select a font style.
  • Choose a character you need to insert by clicking on it in the grid.
  • Click the Select button. The character must then be included within the Characters to copy box.
  • Click the Copy button.
  • Now open the document you want to insert the character into.
  • Click a position in the document to insert the character.
  • Press the hotkey Ctrl + V to insert the copied character.

Final words: How to insert special characters on Windows 11 PC

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