Ultimate Guide: Looping Your Favorite Tracks on Spotify

Are you captivated by a particular tune and want to keep the vibes going by having it on loop? Spotify lets you do just that. In this updated tutorial, you’ll discover how to seamlessly repeat your cherished songs so the music never stops. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sounds you love—let’s dive into the world of non-stop melodies on Spotify.

Simple Steps to Loop a Song on Spotify

Spotify’s ever-growing music library is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts globally. To continuously enjoy a single soundtrack or have a podcast episode play over again, Spotify’s user-friendly interface comes in handy, even on the go. Here’s a breakdown of how to activate the repeat function across different devices for uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Setting a Song on Repeat in Spotify’s Desktop App

  • Launch Spotify on your desktop, whether you’re on a Mac or PC, and begin playing the song you wish to repeat.
  • Locate the repeat icon—depicted by two circular arrows—next to the fast-forward control at the bottom of the Spotify interface.
  • Click the repeat icon twice. Upon doing so, it will illuminate in green, accompanied by a “1” indicating that the song is set to loop.
  • To deactivate the repeat function, click on the icon once more. Alternatively, clicking it once (when it shows in green sans the “1”) will repeat the entire playlist or album rather than the single track.

Looping a Track on Spotify’s Mobile App

  • Open Spotify on your iOS or Android device and play the track you desire to keep on loop. Ensure that the album art and play controls are fully visible—tap the song’s bar at the bottom if necessary.
  • Tap the repeat icon, resembling two intertwining arrows. A single tap will highlight the icon in green, setting the entire playlist or album to repeat.
  • Double-tap to see a “1” emerge on the icon, signifying that your selected song will loop continuously.
  • To stop the loop, tap the repeat icon once more so it returns to its original grey color.

Final Thoughts: Mastering Continuous Play on Spotify

Looping your favorite song on Spotify is a breeze once you know where to find the repeat options. Whether you’re reminiscing with an old favorite or the latest hit single is on endless replay, Spotify’s flexible playback settings enhance your listening journey. We hope this guide has illuminated how to keep your top tracks spinning without interruption.


Q: How do I make sure only one song repeats on Spotify?

A: Double-click the repeat icon until it turns green and shows a “1” to ensure only your chosen song is on loop.

Q: What should I do if the repeat function is not working on my Spotify app?

A: Ensure your app is updated to the latest version, then try closing and reopening it. If the issue persists, check Spotify’s help center for further assistance.

This guide serves as a comprehensive tool to make the most of Spotify’s repeat feature, ensuring you can easily loop your beloved songs without disruption. Enjoy your enhanced listening experience, made simple with Spotify’s intuitive design.

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