Ultimate Guide to Looping YouTube Videos on Android Devices

Welcome to this comprehensive guide on looping YouTube videos on Android devices. We’ve refreshed our tutorial to make it more user-friendly and updated with the latest information. If you find the insights shared here useful, spread the word by sharing this article with those close to you!

Effortless Ways to Repeat Your Favorite YouTube Clips on Android

For quite some time, users on desktop browsers have been enjoying the luxury of looping their beloved YouTube videos endlessly. But the feature had not been readily available for mobile app enthusiasts—until now. With our connected lives moving increasingly towards mobile-first experiences, this looping functionality has become more sought-after in the YouTube Android app. Recently, exciting updates, including globally accessible YouTube Shorts and SoundCloud-like timestamped comments, have been brought into the spotlight by Alphabet’s video-sharing giant.

Earlier, Android users had to resort to a work-around method: placing the video of choice into a new playlist, then repetitively hitting play on that sole entry. However, this was not the most graceful solution and often led to a collection of single-video playlists in one’s YouTube account. Thankfully, it’s reported that YouTube’s Android application will now include a ‘Loop Video’ feature. Users will find this new option under the three-dot menu icon at the upper-right of the video screen, nestled between Video Quality settings and Subtitles. Do note that the feature’s availability might depend on server-side updates and may not yet be present on all devices.

Loop Videos in Chrome on Android

  • Launch the Chrome browser and navigate to youtube.com.
  • Select the video to loop, tap the 3-dot menu, and opt for ‘Request Desktop Site’.
  • Upon reloading the page in desktop mode, play the video.
  • Perform a long press on the video to reveal a menu, then select ‘Loop’.

Create a Looping Playlist in the YouTube App

  • Open the YouTube application and search for your chosen video.
  • Tap the 3-dot menu beside the video and pick ‘Add to Playlist’.
  • Select ‘Create New Playlist’, name it, and set the privacy.
  • Head back to your YouTube homepage, tap ‘Library’, and open your new playlist.
  • Begin playing the playlist and tap the loop icon to enable continuous play.

Wrapping Up: Empower Your Android YouTube Experience

With these methods, Android users can now conveniently loop videos on YouTube, enjoying uninterrupted playbacks of their favorite content. Whether you’re relishing in music, educational material, or entertaining shorts, looping videos can enhance your viewing experience. If you have any further questions about this feature, feel free to reach out via our contact section.


Q: Can I loop a YouTube video on my Android phone without creating a playlist?

A: Yes, you can loop a video without a playlist by utilizing the Chrome browser method described in the guide.

Q: Is the ‘Loop Video’ feature available for all Android devices?

A: The ‘Loop Video’ feature is being rolled out and may not yet be available on all devices or app versions; it also might require a server-side activation by YouTube.

By following the updated guide and leveraging the latest functionalities, our aim is that you not only acquire the knowledge to enhance your user experience but also enjoy the journey of exploration. Remember to share and support our content if it has been instrumental in bringing a loop of joy to your YouTube ventures!

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