Seamlessly Sync Folders with Dropbox on Android: An Easy Guide

Welcome to the definitive tutorial on effortlessly syncing folders with Dropbox on Android devices. In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying up-to-date and efficient is crucial. Let’s embark on this journey to seamless file synchronization and explore the innovative ways to keep your data in sync automatically.

Mastering Automatic Folder Synchronization with Dropbox on Android

Dropbox has become an indispensable tool for file storage and sharing, but achieving seamless sync between your local files and Dropbox folders on Android can sometimes be a puzzle. As technology moves forward, we continuously seek convenient methods to streamline our digital lives, especially with the ubiquity of cloud services.

Syncing your Android device with Dropbox can be accomplished using third-party applications that automate the process, ensuring your files are always up to date. Let’s delve into how you can set up your device for automatic syncing and the adjustments you can make to ensure a smooth experience across all your devices.

How to Sync External Folders with Dropbox on Windows and Mac

As we shift our focus to desktop environments, the syncing procedures differ slightly for Windows and macOS users. Dropbox’s decision in mid-2019 to discontinue support for external symlinks requires a workaround to sync folders outside the Dropbox directory.

Synchronize Folders Outside the Primary Dropbox Folder in Windows

In Windows, follow these steps to keep your preferred folders in sync with Dropbox:

  • Relocate Your Folder to Dropbox: Begin by moving the target folder into your Dropbox directory. Remember the original path of the folder and back up any critical data.
  • Launch the Command Prompt as an Administrator: Search for “command prompt” and select “run as administrator” to initiate the process.
  • Creating a Symbolic Link with “mklink”: Use the “mklink /D ” command in the prompt. This creates a link in the original location that mirrors changes to the data within Dropbox.

Sync Additional Folders on macOS

Mac users can utilize a similar process to sync folders outside their Dropbox folder:

  • Move the Folder into Dropbox: Drag the folder you wish to sync into the Dropbox directory within Finder. Note down the original location and ensure your data is backed up.
  • Use Terminal for Symlink Creation: Open Terminal and type “ln -s”, then add the paths of both the target and the symbolic link folders.
  • Executing the Symlink Command: Finalize the command “ln -s ” and execute it by pressing “enter”. Finder will now reflect the files as if they’re in their original location, backed by Dropbox.


To conclude, syncing folders with Dropbox on Android and across various operating systems doesn’t have to be a complex task. By utilizing the right tools and understanding the necessary steps, you can ensure that your important files are always updated and accessible, no matter where you are.


Q: What is the best way to automatically sync folders with Dropbox on Android?

A: The best way is to use third-party applications that specifically offer folder-syncing capabilities with Dropbox. These apps facilitate the automatic updating of files between your device and cloud storage.

Q: Can I sync folders outside of the Dropbox folder on desktop operating systems?

A: Yes, you can sync folders outside of the Dropbox folder by using symbolic links on both Windows and macOS. However, the process differs slightly between the two operating systems and requires specific commands to set up.

Succeeding in today’s digital world demands leveraging the power of cloud storage like Dropbox, which allows for the efficient management of files across devices. With this guide, syncing your folders on Android and desktop operating systems is a breeze, ensuring you always have the most current version of your documents at your fingertips.

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