How to make the most of iPhone’s accessibility features

Hi everyone, in this article we’ll show you how to make the most of your iPhone’s accessibility features. This reveals a long list of options, but it’s not immediately clear what they all do. So get a handle on your accessibility options by following our guide on which are the most useful and how to use them.

Apple celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day this week by announcing new accessibility features that will be available later this year with iOS 16 and other software updates. But while we wait for those updates, the company has released accessibility tips that everyone can use. Apple devices are known for having numerous accessibility features so that people with disabilities can use them with ease. You can easily Install iOS 16 Public Beta

These include things like VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch and voice control. To promote awareness of accessibility features, Apple has introduced a new category in the iOS Tips app that highlights some features that any user can enable to improve their experience with iPhone. Before proceeding we recommend you to update iPhone

How to make the most of iPhone’s accessibility features

Invert Colors

iPhone has several vision settings that are suitable for people with different vision needs, from low vision to color blindness and more. “Invert colors” changes the display values on the phone to create more contrast. This is handy if you want a black display because it’s more comfortable for your eyes, or if you want less brightness when reading in bed.


This tool is great for restaurants or other places where you need to find small print in low light conditions. When you activate Magnifier, your phone’s camera becomes a magnifying glass. When you tap the side button on iPhone X, or the home button on earlier models, a window opens for your camera. Point it at the text or object you want to magnify, and you’re done. It’s pretty easy to use magnifier on iPhone

Larger Text Sizes

Here you can adjust the size of your text. In applications that support Dynamic Type, you can increase the size even further. A slider lets you specify exactly how large you want your text to be.


If you want to see larger text or just more detail in an image, and only when you need it, not all the time, then zoom is for you. Double-tap with three fingers to zoom in on the entire screen, or drag three fingers across the screen to zoom in on specific areas. You can also change the maximum zoom level via a slider that goes up to 5x zoom.

Shake to undo

Shake to undo” is the default setting on the iPhone. It causes the “Undo typing” prompt to appear when the phone notices that it has pressed a bunch of random keys as a result of shaking. If this prompt bothers you (sometimes you just want to type A;oij;oaifjaio;fa;ih), you can disable this setting in the Interaction section of the Accessibility settings.

Subtitles & Captioning

This is very convenient. If you prefer closed captions, it can be a hassle to turn them on and off every time you access a media app. If you enable Closed Captions + SDH under Media in the entry helper, the subtitles are automatically turned on when they are available in an app.

Accessibility shortcut

If you want to easily disable something like color reversal, zoom, or voice control, you can create a shortcut for one of the functions. This means that with a triple click on the home button or the side button (on an iPhone X), you can quickly get to the function you want. You can quickly enable/disable AssistiveTouch on iPhone


Digital assistants in general and Siri in particular have taken a lot of criticism lately. It’s pretty easy to set up Siri on iPhone

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to make the most of iPhone’s accessibility features. Your iPhone has a variety of features that make it easier to use. Whether you need help using your iPhone or just want to see what all is available, you should take a look at this menu. If you like our article, be sure to share it with others.

I hope you understand this article, How to make the most of iPhone’s accessibility features.

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