How to Make an Image Transparent in PowerPoint: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding images to a PowerPoint presentation can enhance its visual appeal and effectiveness. However, sometimes images can be distracting. In such cases, you can make images transparent in PowerPoint. This guide will show you how to do so and why it is useful for presentations.

Why Should You Create Transparent Images in PowerPoint?

  • You can remove unnecessary image distractions from your slides.
  • You can focus the audience’s attention on specific elements of an image.
  • You can use a transparent background image to highlight items such as text or icons in the foreground.
  • You can use images as watermarks for your slide to make it look professional.

How to Insert an Image in PowerPoint

Here’s how to insert an image in PowerPoint:

  • Click on ‘Insert’ at the top of the PowerPoint slide menu.
  • Select ‘Images.’
  • Select and insert the image you want to use.

How to Make an Image Transparent in PowerPoint

Follow these steps to make an image transparent:

  • Select the image you want to make transparent and click ‘Picture Format.’
  • Click on ‘Transparency.’
  • Select the desired transparency setting from the seven available presets. You can also fine-tune your transparency by using the ‘Transparency Options’ panel on the right side of your screen.

How to Make the Background of an Image Transparent in PowerPoint

Here are two methods to make the background of an image transparent:

  • Method 1:
    1. Select and copy the image you want to use.
    2. Paste a copy of your image on top of the original image.
    3. Select the original image in the background, right-click to open the ‘Image Format’ option, and make the image transparent using the ‘Transparency’ option.
    4. Use the ‘Crop’ option to cut out any unwanted parts of the image so that only the desired part remains.
  • Method 2:
    1. Select and copy the image you want to use.
    2. Right-click on the image and select ‘Image Format,’ then choose image corrections from the right panel.
    3. Lower the sharpness, contrast, or brightness of the image if necessary.

How to Dim an Image in PowerPoint

Here’s how to use colors and color tones to fade an image:

  • Select the image you want to fade.
  • Click on ‘Color’ under ‘Image Format’ and choose the color you want. You can use preset options or pick a color of your choice for a toned-down version of your image.

How to Create Transparent Images in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013

To create transparent images in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013:

  • Open a new slide and click on the ‘Rectangle’ icon.
  • Draw a rectangular shape over your existing image, ensuring that the shape’s aspect ratio is locked.
  • Select the percentage of transparency you want using the ‘Fill and Line’ option on the right side panel of your slide. 0% represents complete opacity, while 100% represents full transparency.

Points to Keep in Mind When Making Your Image Transparent

  • Use transparent images judiciously.
  • Printers do not support transparency with specific color formats, so avoid using too many transparent images if there’s a possibility of your presentation being printed.
  • You can use more advanced software like Adobe Photoshop for more complex image editing tasks.

Making images transparent in PowerPoint enhances the professionalism of your presentations. Whether you’re a marketer, designer, sales representative, or photographer, learning this simple technique can help take your projects to the next level.


1. How Do I Remove the Background of an Image in PowerPoint?

You can remove the background of an image in PowerPoint by clicking on the ‘Remove Background’ option, found under the ‘Picture Tool’ tab. This tool offers various options to help you remove unwanted backgrounds from your images.

2. Can I Adjust the Transparency of Multiple Images at Once in PowerPoint?

Yes, you can adjust the transparency of multiple images at once in PowerPoint. Select all the images you want to modify and adjust the transparency level for all of them at the same time.

Final Remarks

We hope that this comprehensive guide on ‘How to Make Transparent Images in PowerPoint’ has been useful for you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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