An Updated Guide to Mirroring Videos in VLC Media Player

Enrich your multimedia experience with the versatile VLC Media Player! In this updated tutorial, I’ll help you master one of VLC’s nifty features: video mirroring. If you’re searching for a simple, effective way to mirror your videos, look no further. And don’t forget to share your thoughts with friends and family if you find this guide helpful.

Effortlessly Mirror Your Videos with VLC

VLC Media Player isn’t just a platform for viewing media; it’s a hub for tweaking it to your liking. Whether it’s to invert a video for an artistic project or correct footage taken at the wrong orientation, mirroring videos is a breeze with VLC’s built-in tools. Stick with me as I break down the steps to flip your videos with ease.

How to Flip and Rotate Videos in VLC

Commence by launching VLC and navigating to Media > Open File to select your desired video. With the video loaded, head over to Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects, and zero in on the Geometry tab. Although the array of options might seem daunting at first, they’re your ticket to flipping and manipulating your video footage as you like.

To execute the mirror effect, click on Transform and peruse the drop-down menu, selecting ‘Flip Vertically’ will mirror your video along the horizontal axis, producing a reflection-like effect. Additionally, for manual adjustment, opt for the Rotate checkbox to pivot the video precisely to your required orientation by dragging the dial.

Introducing a Mirror Reflection Effect

For a more creative aesthetic, you can introduce a reflection effect to the video so that one side mirrors onto the other, generating a symmetrical visual. Again under Tools > Effects and Filters > Video Effects, but this time on the Advanced tab, simply tick the Mirror checkbox. Adjust your settings and close the window to apply this artistic touch to your playback.

Just like that, you’ve learned how to add a variety of mirror effects to videos in VLC Media Player. Such features not only help rectify improperly aligned footage but also unlock new creative possibilities for your video projects.


Concluding our guide to mirroring videos in VLC, it’s clear that VLC is more than just a media player—it’s a creative tool at your fingertips. With this knowledge, you can enhance your video viewing and editing sessions effortlessly. The guide’s step-by-step approach ensures that whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user, you’ll be mirroring videos like a pro.


Q: What if the mirrored video isn’t saved with the effect?

A: To save the mirrored video, use VLC’s conversion feature under Media > Convert / Save, and ensure the effects are included in the converted file.

Q: Can I apply the mirror effect to a batch of videos at once?

A: VLC’s interface primarily handles one video at a time. However, for batch processing, you might need to use VLC’s command-line interface or another software solution.

This updated guide should give you the confidence to work with VLC’s mirror-effect features, making your videos stand out and adding a professional touch to your multimedia projects.

Editorial Staff
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