How to Move iTunes Library to Another PC

In this article we will try to teach you how to Move iTunes Library to Another PC. With iTunes, you can easily access your favorite albums from its library. If you switched to a new device, you need to transfer iTunes library to another Windows 11 PC. You may have done this before but not transferred all the required details. That’s because there are multiple ways to do iTunes library syncing between multiple computers, and each of them transfers different songs and information.

iTunes has long looked like it has Apple’s trademark. This is a media library and media player available for Macintosh and Windows operating systems. With iTunes, you can keep and track all your favorite music, movies, and TV shows. You can use iTunes if you have iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV as well as basic PC. You shouldn’t worry about your iTunes library when you buy a new computer because iTunes is very portable. There are several ways to transfer this application to a new PC. Below we have mention the steps transfer iTunes Library to PC.

How to Transfer iTunes Library to Another PC

Transfer iTunes library to another computer by copying and pasting

  • Plug external drive to old computer and locate the folder of your songs.
  • Copy the songs to the external drive and then disconnect it.
  • Connect external drive to your new PC and paste the folder to the local drive.
  • Open iTunes and click File > Add File to Library. Locate the media folder and import music to iTunes library.

Transfer iTunes library to another computer with .XML file

  • Open iTunes on old PC and click File > Library > Export Library.
  • Copy the .XML file Library to your external drive and then paste it to your new PC.
  • Open iTunes on your new PC, click File > Library > Import Playlist, and open the .XML file.

Transfer the whole iTunes library with .itl file

  • Plug your external HDD into computer and copy the whole folder of your media files to HDD. You can find them in C:UsersYourUserNameMusiciTunesiTunes Media. You need to copy the whole folder of iTunes because there is the necessary .itl file. To make sure you could copy all the music, open iTunes and click File > Library > Consolidate Files to let iTunes send all the copies of your music to this folder.
  • Save the folder to your new computer. Press and hold Shift Key and open iTunes. You will receive the notification to Choose iTunes Library.
  • Select Choose Library and then open the file iTunes Library.itl in the folder of iTunes to restore your iTunes library.

Final Words

We hope our article on methods to move iTunes Library to Another PC will help you and resolve all your problems. iTunes library file is a database of your iTunes media and playlists. It does not contain the media – audio and video files are stored in the iTunes music folder within the iTunes folder by default. If you want to know how to transfer iTunes Library then follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you understand this article, How to Move iTunes Library to Another PC.

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