How to Remove Stalkerware From Phone

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Check How to Remove Stalkerware From Phone

The legal status of Stalkerware programs in most countries is unclear. In many places, only software can be legally distributed. However, using stalkerware to monitor someone can be a punishable offence. People who create stalkerware often mention this in their terms and conditions, stating that you should not use the software illegally in the country or region you live in. Technology-enabled abuse is not limited to stalkerware. Abusers can use seemingly harmless utilities and built-in parental control apps like the “Find My” and Screen Time features on Apple devices to track their partner’s whereabouts and activities. Stalkers similarly use and abuse Google’s Family Link app to track survivors or themselves. Sites that access may be limited.

With the help of Victor Chebyshev, a leading security researcher in Kaspersky’s global research and analysis team, we’ve compiled several ways for you to check your devices for stalkerware and created a guide to get rid of it. An important note: a security plan must be in place to survive abuse before removing stalkerware. The very act of getting rid of the software can encourage the perpetrator to escalate the situation and pose a security risk. In this article, we will teach you how to remove Stalkerware from your phone.

How to remove Stalkerware from phone

do a factory reset

A factory reset is easy to do, but it removes all your apps and data. While it will completely remove stalkerware, it will also remove evidence that stalkerware ever existed. If you need this evidence to prosecute your stalker, you should stop using your phone, leave it untouched, and get another one. Once you’ve done that, there’s no going back, so make sure you have a backup of everything, like your photos, that you’d like to keep in the first place.

  • To reset your phone and remove everything from it, including password-protected spyware, touch: Settings > Backup & reset > Factory reset.

Check if Play Protect is enabled

Play Protect is a built-in Google Store protection that can prevent the installation of malicious software from both the Play Store and third parties. So make sure this service is enabled for real-time protection. Scan your device regularly.

Check if accessibility features have been modified

Android accessibility features are intended to give the operating system access to allow the screen reader and other assistive technologies to work. If you don’t recognize an app in the accessibility options, it’s a good idea to remove it. Much of the stalkerware masquerades as simple apps called “Accessibility” or “Device Status.”

Check if an unknown app has administrator permission

Smartphone management features have broader access, even more so than accessibility features. The goal is to find lost mobile phones, wipe data or prevent remote access. They are used by stalker software for screen recording and remote user control. If there is an app with unknown admin permission, it indicates a compromised phone. They can be given generic names like System Services, Hardware Status, or Device Manager.

Uninstall apps periodically

Check your app in Android settings. You can find harmless apps with names like “Computer Maintenance” or “Telephone Services” with normal-looking icons. These apps can access your calendar, call history, camera, contacts, and location. When you see an app that you don’t install or recognize, uninstall it.

protect your phone

For a person to incorrectly install an app on their phone, their home screen may not be locked or their lock may be vulnerable. Try to implement security protections, such as a strong password screen lock and multi-factor authentication of your email. In addition to these tips, it is important to start demanding privacy by design from companies. Smartphone and operating system manufacturers can develop security features that protect against abuse such as stalkerware.

Final words: How to Remove Stalkerware From Phone

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