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Do you like to have fun sending anonymous text messages to your friends? You have come to the right place. There are several web services that provide this service, making it easy to send anonymous SMS with a fictitious phone number. This post will discuss the top ten anonymous websites that allow you to send anonymous text messages over the internet without revealing your identity.

How to send an anonymous text message


This is perhaps the easiest to use free anonymous texting service out there. The interface is easy to understand and it goes without saying that an offer like this is a trader’s nightmare. However, its features may be limited to users in the US and Canada, with the ability to be delivered instantly if you are in either region. All you have to do to get started is enter your email address, your contact’s mobile phone number followed by the message you want to send. Why the email address, you may be wondering. Well, that is to allow you to read the replies you receive for the text message, with the ability to carry on a conversation through this medium. As we have mentioned, this is a free service and does not require payment or prior subscription.

free text

This isn’t particularly the best looking website out there, but it still gets the job done. It covers all the basics, although there is no feature that allows users to reply to their conversations. This means that the site only asks for the recipient’s mobile number, the subject of the message and the content of the text. There is also a list of supported carriers which are mentioned in the list below so make sure to confirm which network your contact is on. You can also send free anonymous text messages with Text For Free. You can simply enter the recipient’s cell phone number, the subject of the text message, and then the content of the message.

After that, enter the receiver’s cell phone carrier and hit the Send Free Text Message button. As easy as can be. The website is a bit more difficult to use, but it does the same job as many of these. The site agrees not to share any of the data collected with third parties and is committed to keeping the numbers safe. If texting is all you want and you don’t mind one-way texting, be sure to try this out. Messages are received almost immediately as you send them, depending on network performance at the time.

anonymous text

Next, we have Anonymous Text. With this free service, you can send an anonymous text message to almost anyone. Open Anonymous Text, and you can compose your message, and then type a number of who you want it to go to. Once you’re happy with your message, press Continue, follow the prompts, and then your message should go to that number. With Anonymous Text, the cost is quite low, only $1.25 per text message. That’s a lot more affordable than going out and buying a burner phone.

Send anonymous SMS

This service needs no introduction as it is undoubtedly one of the largest web-based anonymous free texting providers in the world. The company claims that more than 100,000 messages are sent from its data centers every day, which speaks volumes about its popularity. The website is quite well designed and has all the features you are looking for on the home page. This includes the ability to spoof your number entirely, which is a useful feature.

Then enter the recipient’s phone number, as well as the country to which it belongs. This service is apparently available worldwide, although messages may arrive faster in some places depending on proximity to the company’s servers. A service like this is best suited for quick updates to your peers, whistleblowers, and even those who share secrets with each other. But since the data is not encrypted, it is recommended not to share information that may be too sensitive. If it was not clear before, this service is completely free to use without any charge. However, there’s no reply function, so there’s no scope for a back-and-forth conversation here.


Fourth on our list of services that allow you to text anonymously is AnonTxt. This covers all the features that we have seen in other similar offerings with a simple and easy to understand website. You simply need to choose an alias, enter your contact’s number followed by the message you want to send, and that’s it. The website makes it clear that this service is only available in the US and Canada, so those outside those regions may be out of luck.

Since you’re not sharing your own details with the service, it’s not possible to have a conversation, which is perhaps the biggest drawback of this. While anonymity is the point here, this service can also be used to send greetings or messages to your family and loved ones. Users can also choose a subject for the text message, allowing you to compose a proper and comprehensive text message as long as you stick to the 145 character limit.

send them a text message

This is another free text messaging service on the web that allows you to send messages to your loved ones in an instant. The best part of this service is that it allows you to send unlimited messages without any character limits regardless of the carrier your contact is on. Needless to say, this service only works in the US and Canada, so it lacks global support as of now. Since this website also allows you to share your email address, you have the option of receiving replies to your text messages in the form of emails.

If you find that you don’t want to receive messages from the contact, you also have the option to block them instantly. This is an excellent feature with user safety in mind. Anonymous texting services or anonymous SMS are no strangers to bad pranks and the spread of fake news, which makes security an important aspect for any service that operates under this cell phone model.

Final words: How to Send Anonymous Text Message

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